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Fill my heart today, LordWith your mercies manifoldLet my heart dearly holdYour Word as treasure of gold.Let me see your mercy,In ease or in misery,With eyes of faith to see,Your will is good for me.Fill my spirit today, LordWith every mercy I could hold,I need you and your Word,Like a clay in its mold.Let me […]

Mercy with Cheerfulness (A Poem) — Life Hub Inspirations

Q and A with Me- My Answers

I would like to thank the bloggers who participated in Q and A with Me. It was fun to do. Please check out their blogs 🙂

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Megan is a follower of mine who doesn’t write a blog. Her question is- How many hours will you spend at the coffee shop during the break from teaching?

One can never really spend too much time in a coffee shop can one? Is it more a qualitative issue than quantitative? lol

David of asked- What are your hobbies—besides drinking coffee and taking naps?😉

Is there more than drinking coffee and taking naps? I jest. I like to learn phrases in other languages. So far I have learned to greet people in 30 languages. Practicing Spanish is another hobby of mine.

Ryan of asked- How many countries have you visited?

I have visited in chronological order- Canada when I was 13, Romania seven times first one in June 1997, Holland June 1997, England 1999, France June 2004, Switzerland, and Germany same trip, Austria August 2004, Mexico June 2010, and brazil twice 2013 and 2015.

Georgetta of asked-

If you could start life over again:

At what age would you like to start life again?

Share with us something you would never ever do again?

When I think about this question, there are many possible answers. But if I were to change anything in my past, would I have the ministry I have now and have met the people from many countries I have shared Christ with. So I would not change anything out of concern of changing the timeline that led me to where I am.

Renee of asked a question of extreme importance though I do not think they are any theological implications.

Big Bro, I have a question that has puzzled me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Maybe you know the answer… I am including the link to the question. 😁 Her question is how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.

Renee the answer will vary person to person and I am not sure if anyone has ever been patient enough to count the licks. But rest assured whether one licks all the way to the center or bits to get there that dentists everywhere will worry about such a practice 🙂

Jeanne of asked- If you had a free ticket and it is safe to travel, where would you go?

Only one ticket? So hard. I’ve got it- a continuous ticket that will allow me to go to Brazil, Romania, and more. 🙂

Michelle of asked- Do you have a devotional you would recommend for 2022?

I like the classics such as They Walked With God. It has devotionals from Spurgeon, Moody and more.

Barb of asked- Other than Jesus, what Biblical character would you like spend an afternoon with?

It would be fun to meet with Paul In fact if we could do a mission trip together it would be awesome 🙂

Richard of asked-What is one of your most favorite stories from the Bible?

So many to choose from!!! I love Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene first after his resurrection. There are so many aspects about it that are so intriguing. I will be writing about in in the coming weeks.

Anthonia of asked- What do you like doing for fun?
What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

For fun spend time with people from other cultures, hang out at coffee shops, and best of all traveling.

What I like most about teaching is being in the classroom with my students.

Brenda of asked- What jobs have you held throughout your life?

That is a long and winding road at my age lol. The main ones were a sales rep for an office furniture dealership and teaching ESL. Other ones from my younger days were in a grocery store, steak cook, and phone interviews.

Beverley of asked- How do you plan to spend your New Year and have you made any resolutions?

I do not have plans yet. I might spend it with friends at a Hispanic Church. No resolutions for me. Call me cynical but I don’t get excited for New Years because the bills I have December 31 will still be there January 2. lol

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Story Time- A Tale of Two Pizzas

Gluten free frozen pizzas have been a bit of an ongoing saga of frustration over the pizzas not being cooperative and ending up overcooked and at times burned such as I shared a few days ago in- Story Time- A Funny Thing Happened to My Lunch.

Today I gladly share a success story and a new method. The new method was inspired by a comment David of made on the post. “All you need to do is match the length of your TV program to the cooking time, Matt. 1 🍕 pizza = 30 minutes. Problem solved.”

Yesterday I placed a gluten free frozen pizza in the oven. Realizing the show I was watching on Hulu had segments on the bottom of the screen indicating when commercial breaks would occur, I used those as a way to keep track of time. The instructions for the pizza were ten minutes at 375 degrees. Ten minutes is how long the segments are between commercials. The results speak for themselves.

Thus a dilemma that has plagued perhaps the whole world, well at least mine, has been solved. My little sister in Jesus Alicia of might find this useful as well. She has been public about her propensity for the occasional burning of things.

So the new method that I freely share is to use the time indicator at the bottom of the screen while watching a show on a streaming service. The segments are about ten minutes each some a bit longer. No need to thank me. This was a collaborative project between David and myself.

This new method can be adjusted to listening to music such as two of three songs, depending on how long the songs are, can indicate ten minutes. If more time is needed, listen to more songs.

Perhaps this is what Proverbs 15:22 is talking about:

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

What should we call this new method? The steaming service method? David and Matt’s Collaboration? Any ideas?

Feel free to share this revolutionary new method 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.