Escaped to A Coffee Shop for 1 Hour

Friday morning when I went out to my car, I found I had a dead car battery, so I could not go anywhere. It was like God telling me stay put for a while after mu surgery.

But today a friend helped me put a new battery in. Actually he did all of the work while I watched and chatted with him. To celebrate my car starting, I escaped from my confinement to a coffee shop.


I only stayed for one hour but it felt great. I went all out and had nachos and Moroccan Mint Iced Tea. No pain meds today. I will be ready to teach tomorrow morning.

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Taking Time to Rest

Yesterday I accomplished nothing. I did participate in Blogger Chat, but other than that all I did was rest and watch movies. But I was following doctor’s orders, for once, for post operation care. He told me, “just rest over the weekend and you’ll be okay.”

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There are times our physical bodies need rest. There are also times we need rest spiritually, We need time with God, with Jesus, away from the business of life. Jesus needed that when he was on earth. In Luke chapter 5 sandwiched between accounts of miracles by Jesus is the short verse 16:

 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

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Jesus took time away from the crowds, away from the demands of life, and prayed in places where he could be alone.

If Jesus needed time alone with God the Father, how much more do we need time alone with God?

So today will be another day of physical rest for me and also spiritual rest. I will watch worship service online, take time to be with Jesus, and then relax the rest of the day.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Special Surprise Before Surgery

This was me in the waiting area at an outpatient surgery center. I had minor surgery yesterday. Something made a huge difference for me. After I was taken back to the room to be prepped, I noticed Christian music was playing. They had a local Christian radio station on.

As I laid in the prep area listening to worship songs, it was a blessing to pray for people. It was the calmest I have felt in years in a medical facility. Being able to listen too worship songs before surgery was a special suprise.

This weekend will be blogger chat Saturday morning in Zoom, relaxing at home the rest of the day Saturday, church Sunday morning, and coffee shop Sunday afternoon. It will be a weekend to take it easy.

What are your weekend plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Have Fun with Me- Q and A with Me

My blog recently went over 10,000 views for the year so far. I would like to thank all of my followers/readers. Thank you to new followers and old followers.

I feel like a little Friday fun today. so the time seems right to do another Q and A with me. Here is how it works. You leave a question for me in my comments, The question can be quirky and fun, serious, as long as it is appropriate. Then in my post next next Wednesday, I will answer your question along with the link to your blog in my post.

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Ask away. Have fun. And look for my answers next week. 🙂

BACK! In! The! Building!

Last night my U.S. Citizenship classes started our new quarter. After ONE YEAR of classes only in Zoom, we were BACK IN THE BUILDING!!!

It was interesting to note that the room my class was in last night, was the very same room the staff had a meeting to talk about what the shutdown due to COVID would mean. What it meant for my classes was being out of the building for one year.

My class will be a hybrid class with half in person in the classroom and half joining in Zoom. It is the same thing I have been doing with my morning class. This was the last piece to come back to somewhat normal for me.

I also spent some time looking through my work station that I had not sat at for one year. There was the container of candy that I kept to give students candy for doing well. All of the candy was stale. It will all be thrown away. 🙂

Life is slowly getting back on track in my city and state. The governor of my state has now set vaccinations to be available for anyone. About half of the people in my city have been vaccinated already.

I am thankful God has seen me through this past year.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Wellness Wednesday-Pinball Patient Again

The look on the face of a man who was just told he should see two specialists. Okay so I am overacting a bit in the photo. I actually took it before the doctor came the exam room. 🙂

This pinball patient will see a surgeon today about having something removed no big worry. In June I have my appointment with a rheumatologist.

I tried my own home remedy for a finger that is beginning to curve a little from whatever it is that I have. I bought a finger splint. Other than it causing pain when I put it on, nothing else happened. My flawed thinking was if I wore a splint, it would stop it from curving.

So much for my medical career 🙂

So what is a pinball patient? It is a person who is bounced from doctor to doctor kind of like a pinball in a pinball machine. I first wrote about pinball patient 2 years ago in- Pinball Patient.

Hopefully this pinball patient can be patient with the appointments 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Conflict Between Jesus and Religious Leaders-John 7

Last Tuesday we began our study of John 7 by looking at Jesus’ half brothers prodding him to go to Judea for the Feast of Tabernacles but their motives were true That post was Jesus Understands Family Problems

Part of Jesus’ response to his brothers is a repeated theme in John:

My time is not yet here

Jesus knew all along that he was here to die for our sins. It was the plan. He also knew his time had not yet come at that point.

Jesus did end up going without telling his half brothers. When he arrived, he began to teach in the Temple Courts. The Jews were amazed at his teaching saying:

“How did this man get such learning without having been taught?”.

Consider the irony of that question. They were wondering how Jesus could have such great understanding without having been taught. Jesus is the creator. The whole of the Old Testament points to Jesus. When the Jews would teach things such as the promise of the Messiah, they were teaching about Jesus.

Jesus tells them his teaching comes from the Father. He makes a point about motives in teaching:

Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.

Then Jesus lets them know he knows they are seeking to kill him:

Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?”

They responded with their version of-Are you crazy?

You are demon-possessed,” the crowd answered. “Who is trying to kill you?”

Jesus responds by pointing out their hypocrisy of being upset that Jesus healed someone on the Sabbath.

Now if a boy can be circumcised on the Sabbath so that the law of Moses may not be broken, why are you angry with me for healing a man’s whole body on the Sabbath?

It is in John 7 that we really see the conflict build between Jesus and the religious leaders. They viewed Jesus as a threat to their ‘authority and power’ and Jesus did not placate them.

We will look more at that conflict next Tuesday.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.