Things Just Got Real- Again- Part 2

A few days ago, I shared about my school district’s plan for possible 100% remote learning for five to ten days on a class by class, grade level by grade level case in- Things Just Got Real Again.

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Because of the number of children missing school and staff shortages and some teachers needing to stay home to either quarantine themselves of take care of their children needing to quarantine, it was decided and announced yesterday that the next three Fridays we be no school days. There will be no school, but it will be a planning day for teachers to work from home.

This is a stressful time for teachers everywhere. In some places, they are still doing 100% remote learning. In some places they are still doing hybrid classes of some remote and some in class. Please be kind to teachers by sending a note, dropping off something like fruit, or whatever.

In my case, that would be drop off a cup of black dark roast coffee, but none of you live near me, so prayers are appreciated. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

How Often Should One Wash A Coffee Mug?

A question that perhaps one of the great debates of our time is- How often should a person wash a coffee mug? The moms in my morning Family Literacy class seem to have a different opinion about this than I do. 🙂

The moms in my class seem to be of the misguided opinion that I should wash out my coffee mug every day, but I tend to disqualify their thoughts because they put sugar and cream in the coffee or drink fancy drinks that do not qualify as coffee like pumpkin spice.

My thought, and perhaps the only correct view, is that one does not need to wash out a coffee mug. I drink my coffee black, the only true way to drink coffee, and by not washing out the mug it gives character to a cup of coffee much like aging fine wine.

Which side of the great debate do you align with?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Do I Ever Need Worship Time Today

Looking forward to worship at church this morning. It has only been three days back to teaching and I need worship time. After church, it will be coffee shop time. Yesterday was power nap day and today is refuel day.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love being with my students in the classroom. But each time I receive an email that there was a confirmed case of COVID in my school building, I ask myself if I am crazy for continuing. We had two such emails in three days. My morning prayer shifted last week from help me be a blessing to I don’t want to go but help me be a blessing anyway. Not a very spiritual prayer I know.

The tempting thought is to retire and spend time writing. I can easily see myself hanging out at a coffee shop and writing every day. That would combine two things I enjoy coffee and writing. Alas but there is no money in writing at least at the beginning and there are bills to pay.

So off to church I go to hopefully be refreshed and then off to the coffee shop.

What will you be doing on this Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

You Know I Had To Do It

You know I had to do it one last time for this year. Yes, this afternoon I went to the coffee shop. The mug they gave me this time has an old house. I am not sure if it is more like the house for George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life or more like the house for The Munsters. 🙂

Yes I was able to bless people with a few jokes. I wanted them to end the year on a good note. 🙂

We are expecting a snowstorm later tonight. It is supposed to hit my area after midnight, but supposed to when it comes to weather where I live means little. lol. Either way, it is looking more and more likely that I will ring in the New Year by watching Lord of the Rings. Love that play on words -Ring in the New Year with Lord of the Rings. 🙂

Tomorrow will be cold and snowy, so a perfect day to sit at home, drink coffee, spend time with Jesus, listen to worship music, and relax. There might be a nap involved too.

After I finish the series from John in the New Testament, I am thinking about doing a series on Acts. But the last three chapters of John have so much in them, it may take three more months to finish. The books I have for studying through Acts have been sitting ready to use for a few months. They sit on top of my small file cabinet reminding me each day to crack them open. I may take a peek tomorrow. The series on Acts is another project for 2022. 🙂

Have a safe and blessed New Years however you celebrate.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Q and A with Me- My Answers

I would like to thank the bloggers who participated in Q and A with Me. It was fun to do. Please check out their blogs 🙂

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Megan is a follower of mine who doesn’t write a blog. Her question is- How many hours will you spend at the coffee shop during the break from teaching?

One can never really spend too much time in a coffee shop can one? Is it more a qualitative issue than quantitative? lol

David of asked- What are your hobbies—besides drinking coffee and taking naps?😉

Is there more than drinking coffee and taking naps? I jest. I like to learn phrases in other languages. So far I have learned to greet people in 30 languages. Practicing Spanish is another hobby of mine.

Ryan of asked- How many countries have you visited?

I have visited in chronological order- Canada when I was 13, Romania seven times first one in June 1997, Holland June 1997, England 1999, France June 2004, Switzerland, and Germany same trip, Austria August 2004, Mexico June 2010, and brazil twice 2013 and 2015.

Georgetta of asked-

If you could start life over again:

At what age would you like to start life again?

Share with us something you would never ever do again?

When I think about this question, there are many possible answers. But if I were to change anything in my past, would I have the ministry I have now and have met the people from many countries I have shared Christ with. So I would not change anything out of concern of changing the timeline that led me to where I am.

Renee of asked a question of extreme importance though I do not think they are any theological implications.

Big Bro, I have a question that has puzzled me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Maybe you know the answer… I am including the link to the question. 😁 Her question is how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.

Renee the answer will vary person to person and I am not sure if anyone has ever been patient enough to count the licks. But rest assured whether one licks all the way to the center or bits to get there that dentists everywhere will worry about such a practice 🙂

Jeanne of asked- If you had a free ticket and it is safe to travel, where would you go?

Only one ticket? So hard. I’ve got it- a continuous ticket that will allow me to go to Brazil, Romania, and more. 🙂

Michelle of asked- Do you have a devotional you would recommend for 2022?

I like the classics such as They Walked With God. It has devotionals from Spurgeon, Moody and more.

Barb of asked- Other than Jesus, what Biblical character would you like spend an afternoon with?

It would be fun to meet with Paul In fact if we could do a mission trip together it would be awesome 🙂

Richard of asked-What is one of your most favorite stories from the Bible?

So many to choose from!!! I love Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene first after his resurrection. There are so many aspects about it that are so intriguing. I will be writing about in in the coming weeks.

Anthonia of asked- What do you like doing for fun?
What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

For fun spend time with people from other cultures, hang out at coffee shops, and best of all traveling.

What I like most about teaching is being in the classroom with my students.

Brenda of asked- What jobs have you held throughout your life?

That is a long and winding road at my age lol. The main ones were a sales rep for an office furniture dealership and teaching ESL. Other ones from my younger days were in a grocery store, steak cook, and phone interviews.

Beverley of asked- How do you plan to spend your New Year and have you made any resolutions?

I do not have plans yet. I might spend it with friends at a Hispanic Church. No resolutions for me. Call me cynical but I don’t get excited for New Years because the bills I have December 31 will still be there January 2. lol

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Coffee Time :)

It was an epic battle between my bed and the coffee shop. At first it seemed my bed would win out again today forcing me to take a nap. But realizing there were errands to run, helped the coffee shop to emerge victorious.

At the coffee shop I go to, they serve Gluten Free Paninis for lunch. The Panini did not last long enough for a picture but trust me it was delicious. I was also able to spread joy by telling a few of my brilliant jokes. 🙂

Perhaps tomorrow my bed and the coffee shop will compromise allowing me to both take a nap and hang out at the coffee shop. One never knows. We shall wait and see.

How is your day? If you are on break from school or on vacation, how are you spending your days?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

This May Surprise You But….

The semester is officially over. I left the school a little while ago and my two week break begins now. This may surprise you but the first thing I did was head to the coffee shop.

My mind is a bit of a mush right now. The past few days have been crazy busy. But I have plenty of time to relax. For now I can enjoy that magic beverage called coffee.

Two weeks of nothing that needs to be done, no doctors to see, sleeping as much as my heart desires, spending time with Jesus, hanging out at the coffee shop, binge watching shows, and taking naps.

No snow for Christmas which is more than okay with me. Tomorrow will be 60f/15c. I am hoping we have one of those warmer winters. It is a cycle we have seen all my life 2 or 3 hard winters, 1 really hard winter, and then a mild one. After the past winter, I am ready for a mild one. We have not had a mild one for a while.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

My Final Doctor Appointment for the Year

The look on the face of someone after being told he needs a cortisone shot in the shoulder. Yesterday I went to the orthopedic surgeon to have my shoulder looked at. He had it x-rayed, did an exam, and concluded we should try a cortisone injection first.

The good news is that I do not see him again for eight weeks. The bad news is that if things things don’t improve he wants to do an MRI. Fun Fun lol

When I walk in, the woman at the reception desk smiles waiting for a joke. Yesterday I told her that at the coffee shop they wanted to give me a coffee mug to use that had a picture of a cat, but I was afraid to use it because I am allergic to cats. 🙂

So that’s a wrap for doctors this year. Well except the eye doctor but no worries about blood tests, x-rays, etc etc at an eye doctor.

I wonder if I should set a limit before next year begins. Example- only 10 doctors’ visits. If I hit 10, then no more. 🙂

I did manage to do all of my Christmas shopping in five minutes. Yes, it was online. No, I won’t need to wrap anything. They will be delivered.

My evening class finished last night. After today, I will have five more days until Christmas Break. Then it will be 13 glorious days of no alarm clocks and nothing to do except drink coffee, blog, and of course spend time with Jesus.

After I finished this post and scheduled it, I found out that we have a day off from school. I logged into the website to check email for the school and saw the notice. We are supposed to have up to 75 mile per hour winds tomorrow and a chance of thunderstorms not snow. I think they wanted to give overworked and stressed out teachers a break. 🙂 So off to a coffee shop later 🙂

How is your midweek?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

A Fitting Way to End the Week of Teaching

On a Friday at the end of another crazy COVID week teaching, what is a fellow supposed to do? If you guessed chill out at a coffee shop you would be correct. Normally on a Friday I would come home right after my afternoon class because Friday is my methotrexate day meaning nap time. But I went to the coffee shop.

The coffee mug they gave me to use was so fitting for my mood.

Yes Tigger from Winnie the Pooh was my coffee mug. The bouncing crazy cartoon character so represented my brain after another week of teaching during this pandemic. 🙂

Today I will meet my friend from Venezuela to help her with her English, so she can achieve her goal of becoming a dentist here. Then I will meet my friend from El Salvador to eat Pupusas. Then perhaps back to the coffee shop to hang out a while and do something maybe a little constructive like tell people some of my jokes

What are your Saturday plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

My New Yazidi Friend

I met a new Yazidi friend yesterday. She wanted some help with her English composition class. Her older sister had been my student some years ago and told her to ask me because I help people. Her cousin told her the same thing because I helped him with his essays for Pharmacy School applications.

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We met for lunch and talked for almost two hours. She came here with her mom, older sister, and two brothers as refugees after Daesh came into Iraq murdering thousands of Yazidi people. As she shared her story, I asked about her family. She teared up as she told me her dad was killed by Daesh. She is only 23 and has been through so much trauma.

Her goal is to graduate from the university and go to Pharmacy School like her cousin, I told her that I would like to meet her often to help her with her studies. I shared with her that in my faith Jesus taught that God loves us, so I like to help my Yazidi friends because God loves them. We will meet again this afternoon.

It is a blessing to know that my refugee and immigrant friends tell each other to ask me for help. Helping them is what God has called me to do.

So it is off to church and then after church I will meet my new friend at the coffee shop for a study session.

What will you do this Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.