When God Wants Us to Pay Attention

Yesterday after my citizenship class, I hung out at the coffee shop. I know that surprises you. Hanging out at a coffee shop is part of my normal routine. God will at times try to get our attention even in the normal routines in our lives. When he does it once, it gets our attention. When the scenario repeats, it as if he wants us to pay attention to something.

I shared in my post- June Is Here-Now What?– about my idea to make short films out of my short stories. The next day I joked with a student in the coffee shop that homework is fun. That led to me finding out she is a film major at the university in my city. The idea of making short films our of some short stories I wrote in my other blog- encounterswiththeancients.com keeps coming to mind. The young woman liked one of my stories and wrote down some suggestions.

Yesterday when I was in the coffee shop, I saw a different young person studying. I joked with her that homework is a lot of fun. That led to me finding out she is also a film major at the university in my city. I shared with her about my idea of making short films. She read two of my stories and liked them,

She had some helpful ideas and seemed interested in helping make the short films along with a few of her friends. We sat and talked for about an hour. We talked about possible locations for filming, how to edit them etc.

Similar scenario with two different people. I believe God wants me to pay attention.

Thank you for reading, God Bless.

A Relaxing Summer Friday

Yesterday after I did onboarding with the public school system here, I hung out at. Can you guess? Yes a coffee shop.

One of the fun things for me for me about hanging out at a coffee shop in the summers is seeing fellow educators I usually only see in passing during the school year. When we run into each other in the summer it is time to catch up on life,

Yesterday I ran into my friend who is a French professor at the university in my city. We met in the coffee shop when she was speaking German with her husband. When I hear other languages being spoken, it draws my attention. I greeted them in German that day and we chatted.

Back to yesterday, it was wonderful to see my friend again. Last summer was the shutdown so no hanging out at the coffee shop. It had been a long time since I chatted with my friend. We talked about Europe, places we have both been to there, French food, and teaching language.

Life is so interesting when one day i can interact with a fellow educator who is trilingual-English, French and German- and the next day teach English for friends from Cuba and Mexico, I get to practice my Spanish with them too. I will also see my Brazilian friend and practice Portuguese.

It is funny that I am trilingual as well but in English, Portuguese and Spanish, So my French professor friend and I have to talk in English with each other.

Life is back to normal for me. I wonder if I should say that because my life has never been normal. lol

What will you do this weekend?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Small World in a Coffee Shop- Part 2

Earlier this month I shared a post- Small World in a Coffee Shop– about how I met the daughter of one of my best friends as a child. That led to me interacting with my friend from my childhood, Todd.

Yesterday Todd and I met at the same coffee shop. It was so much fun as we reminisced about our antics. He reminded of that time when he and his brother got new Walkie Talkies and I told his brother Paul if he bent the antennae he could hear people from around the world. His brother believed me and tried it but broke the antennae.

We laughed as I sent his brother a message on Facebook apologizing for getting him in trouble by telling him if he bent his antennae he could hear around the world. Todd suggested adding-‘if you put your iPhone in water you can hear the ocean.” We laughed loudly as I sent the message. I don’t think Paul will fall for the iPhone line though. 🙂

We caught up on each other’s lives and the best part for me was discovering that Todd is my brother in Christ. We are both Christians. I had prayed for an opportunity to share Jesus with him only to discover he is already a Christian, It was the best discovery I could have.

We will meet again for coffee. When we meet again, it will be fellowshipping with my brother in Christ which is the best part.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Having Fun in a Coffee Shop

Yesterday afternoon I was in one of my favorite coffee shops- surprised? I may have had a little fun making the employees laugh.

A few examples:

When the phone was ringing, the manager asked where the phone was. I was very helpful when I told her it was in the building somewhere.

When the guy who makes the gluten free panini sandwiches walked by, I asked when they changed the serving time to 11 to 2 from 11 to 2:30 while pointing to the countertop sign. He stopped and looked and then cracked up realizing I had faked him out.

While two young women were working at the counter, I asked them what exfoliating was. They explained it. I shared my observation that it would be cheaper to just us SOS pads- steel wool pads with soap in them.

When I went for a refill, I shared there was a tornado watch for Mc Cook a small city in my state. One of the workers asked me where McCook is. My answer- it is between here and Colorado.

Speaking of where things are, we do not need to worry about where heaven is or how to get there. There is no map and we can’t use GPS. But we do not need to worry about that because we can know the way. That is because the way is a person- Jesus. When asked about the way to heaven, Jesus answered in John 14:

I am the way, the truth and the life.”

I will be meeting a friend there this afternoon. Perhaps more fun will be had.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Summer Plans

Yesterday I finished closing out my classroom for the year. As I interacted with my fellow teachers, we talked about our summer plans. Summer plans are always a big topic of conversation for teachers. In the past, I have enjoyed ministry trips to other countries during the summer. Due to COVID, there will sadly be no international travel for me this summer, but I do have some plans. One of them begins today.

After my morning conversation group today, I will go to a- can you guess where?- to hang out for the afternoon. I’ll give you a hint. It is a place that makes that magical beverage.

I will bring my Greek textbook and workbook. I will also bring my commentaries on the Book of Acts in the bible. It is time for some deep studies to begin. My summer plans? Refresh my Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish.

Another focus will be on my weekend groups. This weekend will only be the second weekend we are meeting again. Now that the mask mandate is over, I can teach a language without wearing a mask. I can finally model pronunciation again.

For my fellow Northern Hemisphere dwellers, what are your summer plans? For Southern Hemisphere dwellers, what are your winter plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Coffee and Deep Conversation

Monday morning, late morning let’s not get carried away, I met my pastor for coffee. It was great to catch up in person for the first time since the shutdown. We have messaged each other often but it is not the same as in person.

We discussed many things including a few things pertaining to my home church. There will be some exciting changes coming. One pertains to a new member who is from Brazil.

Our new friend from Brazil wants to reach out to international students and my pastor wants to connect us. When my pastor brought it up, I jumped on the idea. I had been hoping to find a way to connect with international students since last summer.

Last summer, the college I had taught for abruptly canceled the ESL classes I had taught for 20 years. In those classes I would often have students who were preparing for the TOEFL test, here as post doctoral researchers, or spouses of graduate student. The shutdown also complicated things.

There are para church organizations that reach out to international students but I prefer to do so through my church and connect them with members of my church.

I left our coffee time excited about new possibilities. Life is opening up again here.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Countdown- 25 More Days

In 25 days I will have my appointment with the rheumatologist. Normally doctor appointments are not something I look forward to but as symptoms progress, I wish I could have the appointment today.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Funny how small parts of a person’s body can get one’s attention. The fingers on my left hand run the gambit from swollen to back to normal, painful to tingling, and also wake me up at night.

Coffee is one of my best friends as I battle with fatigue. In fact, I look forward to hanging out at a coffee shop after my morning class. They also serve gluten free panini sandwiches that I love,

Naps are a required part of my daily routine now as in power naps. The only question is whether it is a 30 minute or a two nap needed each day.

Even with this going on, I am so grateful for how Jesus has carried me through the most unusual year of teaching I have ever experienced. After today, I have one more week for my morning class until summer break begins. Hopefully by the time next school year begins, a treatment plan will have been in working.

Such is the life of a person living with autoimmune issues. My countdown is not as big of a deal as a countdown for a spaceship launch, but it is a big deal for me. 25 more days.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Small World in a Coffee Shop

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging out in a coffee shop. I know that comes as a surprise. 🙂

A young woman was sitting near me and was studying. I joked with her that homework is an exciting opportunity to learn. We talked a bit and I found out she is an English Education major. I asked her what high school she went to and found out it was one in my city. I joked I graduated from a different one in my city a few years before she graduated. She smiled as said her dad graduated from there in the 1970s. I asked what her dad’s last name was. I recognized the last name, so I asked what his first name is.

I found out her dad was my best friend when I was in elementary school. Boom- small world. I regaled her with stories from the childhood of her dad and myself including the time her dad and I tried to invent the secret power potion when we were about ten years old. I wrote about that a year ago- Two 10 Year Old Boys Creating. Now she can tell her dad she heard all about him when he was a boy.

I love meeting new people in coffee shops. That is how I met my current assistant and my assistant the year before. One of my favorite things to do while in a coffee shop is when I see someone reading the bible. I walk by and say, “I read that book. Jesus wins in the end.” Then I apologize for giving away the ending.

Where do you like to hangout?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Escaped to A Coffee Shop for 1 Hour

Friday morning when I went out to my car, I found I had a dead car battery, so I could not go anywhere. It was like God telling me stay put for a while after mu surgery.

But today a friend helped me put a new battery in. Actually he did all of the work while I watched and chatted with him. To celebrate my car starting, I escaped from my confinement to a coffee shop.


I only stayed for one hour but it felt great. I went all out and had nachos and Moroccan Mint Iced Tea. No pain meds today. I will be ready to teach tomorrow morning.

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

A Yawn Is………..?

I saw a mask with a message I love. It said, “A Yawn Is A Silent Scream for Coffee.” I loved it, but I did not buy one for me because the color was lavender and it had a picture of a woman on it, so not really one for a guy at least in my mind.

That is so true for me. When I begrudgingly wake up in the morning and have to leave the wonderful realm of my bed, as I yawn, my first thought is of that special nectar- COFFEE.

This morning after Blogger Chat, I will go to a coffee shop to do some more writing. Coffee shops are places that bring out the writer in me as I observe the different people, drink my coffee, and let my thoughts become creative.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

As much as I love coffee shops, I want to share my secret dream scenario. It involves having one of those expensive adjustable beds with coffee tables on each side. One has a coffee maker on it and the other has a mini fridge. If I had that set up, I could stay in bed all day writing. 🙂

But perhaps it is good that I do not have such a set up, That way I do go out in public to coffee shops and interact with people. But one can always dream. 🙂

So my Saturday will consist of Blogger Chat, and most of the day at a coffee shop writing and reading.

What are your Saturday plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.