Prayers Were Needed/Prayers Were Answered

About a month ago, I shared a post- Prayers Needed that was about an email I received letting me know my current position would not have enough hours to keep my benefits and then my van died beyond repair. The past four weeks have been a valley time.

This week in a span of two days, it turned around. On Thursday thanks to generous donors, I bought a Hyundai Tuscon. Then yesterday I found out I did not get the position I applied for but my hours were expanded so I can keep my benefits. Even better, my current position pays two dollars an hour more and is what I actually enjoy doing. I had only applied for the position to keep benefits.

As Christians we are not immune to life’s problems, but how we handle them can be a testimony. If we give things to God and seek him through the down times, God works through us.

I am grateful I had more time with my friend Luis from El Salvador. He gave me rides home on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and rides to church on Sundays. Because of the extra time, he opened up about what happened to him in El Salvador when a drug gang tried to force him to join. That led to sharing about how Jesus understands trauma. That is one example from the past four weeks.

But now it is on to new adventures like the English conversation group that is starting at the Ukrainian church today. We will have many Saturdays together of having lessons and sharing life. I love helping refugees with their new lives in America and this group will be at a church that will share Jesus with them.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

WOW What A Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was one of those days that God just kind of swoops in and changes everything. It started off at, you guessed it, my coffee shop. I went there to meet one of the pastors from my church. When I got there, the Lead Pastor was there with a married couple. It was the first time he had been there. It was like two parts of my personal universe colliding, my favorite coffee shop and my pastor. 🙂

The assistant pastor I had a scheduled meeting with came and suggested we go get lunch. Off we went. We talked about long term ideas such as considering a sending agency. We talked about many things over lunch. At the end, he pulled out a folder. Some donors mailed checks to me to help me get a vehicle!!! I was almost speechless. At the end, I was stumbling on my words and said, “I don’t know what to say.” Or something like that. It is kind of a blur.

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And oh, by the way, our lunch was burgers. So I had the coffee shop and burgers in the same day. 🙂

I know one of the donors reads my posts. So I want to say to him and his friends.


I also want to thank those who donated to my GO FUND ME!!!

I have a friend who knows cars and will go with me as I look. When it comes to cars, I have no clue. I only know how to put gas in, check the oil, and change a tire. I am grateful to have a friend go with me. I do not want to rush but take my time over the coming days to get in the best situation I can.

I will keep my Go Fund Me active for another week. Two thoughts- the bigger down payment I make, the smaller the monthly payments. Also I have to think about the sales tax etc.

Again THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for reading. God Bless.