Burgers With My Fellow Blogger Gary

It was a blessing to have burgers with my fellow blogger Gary Fultz of garyfultz.com yesterday. Gary lives in that area of the USA that in the winter becomes a frozen tundra. He was on his way to another place in Nebraska for an outdoor adventure with a friend and he stopped by my city to have lunch with me. I waited outside the restaurant for him and when I saw a pick up truck pull in the parking lot, I knew it had to be him.

Our conversation was a mix of getting to know each other, sharing our mutual faith in Jesus, talking about blogging, and some laughter. The blessing of meeting a fellow Christian blogger is that it means meeting a brother for the first time. Gary has some poignant stories from his life that he shared with me, so check out his blogs to read them.

One of those stories involves his daughter and how a medical person and his family came to Gary’s church and ended up becoming Christians. That is a story I will leave for Gary to tell in his blog.

Gary had fun regaling our server with stories about winter and ice fishing in the northern lands of Minnesota. Our server kept coming back to hear more. I may have told him a few jokes. At one point I said, “you must have a grandmother praying for you.” to which he replied in heaven. I told him, “God has a purpose for you.”

Thank you for lunch Gary. It was fun and great to share fellowship with you.

Now that I have a much better car, I might make road trips in the future to visit bloggers.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.