Music Mondays- Let The People Rejoice by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

No matter what happens in this life we have reason to rejoice because of Jesus. We can rejoice because Jesus has opened the way for us to come to God, have relationship with God, and have eternal life.

When I have a high pain day, I can still rejoice knowing it is temporary and a wonderful eternity awaits me in the future. When problems arise in life, we can still rejoice knowing Jesus is with us and will never leave us.

God has blessed those who follow Jesus, trust in Jesus, with every spiritual blessing. God has not held anything back from us.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Music Mondays- Rushing In by Anna Golden featuring Tasha Cobbs

Anna Golden is a new to me Christian singer who has a powerful voice. In Rushing In she sings with one of my all time favs Tasha Cobbs. The combination of two powerful voices is wonderful. The message of the song is powerful.

There are times that the presence of Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit comes rushing in. Moments that leave no doubt God has come swooping into our lives to bring about a change.

God is always with us. Jesus promised us that He is always with us. But there are those moments we experience it so deeply that the impact is lasting.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.