What Keeps This Spoonie Going?

Fatigue is a reality of living with chronic illness. My fellow Spoonies will know exactly what I am talking about. I have tried so many different things such as supplements, changing my diet, walking etc. Fatigue had been a reality for me for over 25 years.

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Yesterday was one of those days I woke up and already knew it would be a nap day. It actually turned out to be a 2 nap day. So after living with chronic fatigue and pain for over 25 years, what keeps me going?

Yesterday there was a song in my spirit all day. I love Psalms 42:8 about his song is with me. God knows how to encourage me and the song in my spirit varies from day to day.

There have been times the song that is with me gives me guidance. Sometimes it is just the Jesus letting me know he is with me like yesterday. Yesterday I gave a lesson in Zoom 10 to 11 and then took a 45 minute nap before giving another lesson in Zoom 12 to 1. Then it was POWER NAP time. As in 3 hours. The whole time I had a song in my spirit.

In the evening it was Life Group in Zoom. We have been studying through John. This morning is Blogger Chat in Zoom. These are two things I look forward to each weekend. The weather will be HOT, so air conditioning is a blessing. It will be a good weekend to stay inside and do some writing.

What will you do this weekend?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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28 thoughts on “What Keeps This Spoonie Going?

  1. Naps are slowly creeping into my life too and I’m finding them very refreshing. As for what I will be doing this weekend… combination of decluttering, writing and spending time with the family. Have a good weekend and get lots of rest

  2. Matt, thank you for sharing this. 25 years is a long time to battle fatigue and it encourages me to see the Lord’s upholding you. Blessings.

      1. That means so much you asked! I’m seeing lots of healing in this recovery process. God enabled me to even see my parents yesterday which wore me out but was SO worth it! I continue to pray for you!💪🤗🙏

  3. Yep. I have been experiencing those nap daus more and more. As my children grow more independent, I am also finding more times to conveniently surrender to them. Glad to read they are something you are benefiting from, too. 🙂

  4. friend, just an FYI about the wellness group on FB… i deleted the group last night completely..i had to delete members one by one and then delete it. someone reported my blog as “abusive.” not worth it to not be able to share my blog on FB anymore because of a group..sorry for the confusion.

  5. A big hug to you big bro.
    Stay safe and strong in Him. 🤗
    And music is reviving!.
    The thought of God singing over me came to mind today during my time out, earlier on before reading your post. God is good!

      1. Awesome! I pray it’s a blessed school year without any major Covid interruptions! Are y’all having to wear mask the entire time/day?

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