Let’s Bless Our Teachers and Schools

On Thursday I shared about how my church is encouraging the members to embrace our schools this year and think of ways to encourage teachers and staff in our public schools in my city.

Wednesday evening I made a preliminary Amazon wish list for my Family Literacy Program and the school it meets in. I listed 14 items and sent an email to 50 people from my church. Within a day 9 of the 14 items were purchased.

Yesterday three of the items were delivered by Amazon. They were two coloring books and some no toxic crayons that will go the the child care for the moms in my class.

After my class yesterday I had a meeting with the principal of the school and shared with him that we want to do what the school feels is needed. A pressing concern on his mind is for the children to be warm in the winter.

Normally we accept gently used and washed items including coats, gloves, and hats. But due to COVID, we can only accept new ones this year. So my next project will be to do a drive for gloves/mittens and hats. My school is in a low-income neighborhood, so warm winter items are a huge need.

My church has selected four Title 1 schools to focus on with a point person for each school. I will be setting up the page for my school this weekend and inviting church members to join my page.

I will be sharing more as the school years continues in hopes it spurs others to bless the schools where they live and also so people pray for me and my school. Let’s be Jesus to our schools.

Oh and a simple but HUGE thing is to thank teachers. That is always true but especially now with all of the twists and turns thrown at them due to COVID. This is a year teachers will be challenged like never before.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

My Amazon wish list to give you ideas


17 thoughts on “Let’s Bless Our Teachers and Schools

      1. Very steady and not too much which is a blessing!

        I’m really feeling like I’m involved with too much at the church…yg leader, disciple pastor search committee (which was almost over but then our “guy” backed out last minute so the search continues but our team is so fun and we’re trusting Gods plan) …and then women’s ministry and 3-5th ss teacher..it’s a lot..I did turn down women’s bible study teacher and I guess with church commitments it’s hard because I almost feel like since these are church things I should be saying yes but I know then that I’m not giving my all…I still need to back out of some of these things but I’m having trouble discerning

  1. Matt, with regard to new hats, gloves, etc. Does that mean store bought new or could they be homemade. I have folks who are more than ready to make some and we would be pleased to ship them to you.

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