Still Wearing Masks

We are 13 months into this pandemic and the whole mask wearing thing. This week has been a good example of why wearing a mask is a mixed bag for me. Tree pollen is my main allergy and normally by now I would be taking two allergy meds each day. By wearing a mask when I walk around outside, my allergies have not been so severe.

However, yesterday while sitting in a celebration of life, the flip side of wearing a mask occurred. Breathing my own recycled air through a mask can set off my asthma and sure enough in the middle of the service my asthma cough kicked in.

Teaching a language while wearing a mask has certainly had its drawbacks. I cannot model pronunciation for my students. It makes it more difficult to hear my students while they wear masks.

But overall, the main benefit to wearing a mask that outweighs everything is not what the CDC says. I am not convinced they stop the spread of anything. The biggest benefit in my mind is others feel comfortable around me. I realize people are living in fear and if I want to be able to share the love of Jesus with them, they need to feel comfortable being around me.

So I will continue to wear one until such time as it is deemed no longer necessary more for the comfort of others than anything else. By doing so I can show kindness to others.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

29 thoughts on “Still Wearing Masks

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I agree with you. I am not convinced they stop the spread of anything either. It is very harmful to breathe our own CO2 all day. I can’t stand that our kids have to wear them all day. It is awful seeing kids wear them while running around on the playground in hot weather. It is harmful to their brains and lungs. I don’t wear a mask unless it is specifically posted at a business that it is required. They are not required down here in Florida, but some businesses (like our bank) require them. Walmart does not, so I am mask free when grocery shopping. We are free in Florida. I agree that it is all about fear at this point. It is also about control. Those in power keep pushing fear to control us and maintain power over us. It is very sad and disturbing, and I pray the mask requirement ends very soon. Please Lord, deliver people from fear and set us all free, amen. God bless.

    1. My main point is wearing a mask helps those around me feel comfortable. For m3 it is the same principle as in Romans 14:13 about not placing a stumbling block in front of others. The reason I wear a mask is so I do not put a stumbling block in front of those who don’t know Jesus in hopes I can share Jesus with them

  2. My allergies are almost nonexistent since the mask mandate began (I still get the headaches but not as much of the runny nose or itchy eyes).

    On Wednesday I was in line at the pharmacy & the last in front of me was holding her 9 month old son. It dawned on me that her previous not had never lived in a mask free world. How sad is that!?!??

  3. I like your approach, Matt. The right thing to do is to, “out do one another in showing honor,” as the apostle Paul said. If continuing to wear a mask in public makes others more comfortable—even though I’m fully vaccinated—then so be it. They will know we are Christians by our LOVE.

  4. You made some great points, Matt. I’m glad the people in my community wear them. However, I don’t have to wear one to teach, but I know it’s difficult, especially with multiple languages. This experience has taught many of us to think of others before ourselves, so that’s a positive thing!

  5. I’m really not strongly opinionated on this though I’ve only been wearing mine where it’s required and actually in our area covid isn’t really an issue now so this is what most people are doing as well. I do agree with Ryan that it’s very much a control thing which bothers me and from what I’ve learned the mask don’t stop the spread of covid so it’s hard for me to respect the idea of wearing them. However I understand they’re still important to some people and they help ease their fears BUT even then they are still living in fear…praying for peace through Him for those who are still living under the false ‘power’ of covid and all it entails.

  6. YES!! This is the biggest reason I wear masks. A very small thing really, to show those around me that I care if they feel uncomfortable. I don’t think they stop the spread of Covid, maybe slightly help protect others? But if they were fool-proof our country would not be experiencing the numbers we are now, as almost everyone in Canada wears them in public. In fact, I can not recall the last time I saw a person in public “maskless”.

  7. I don’t just ‘like’ this post, I LOVE it.

    As a nurse, I spent many hours observing and assisting in operating rooms where everyone — the surgeons, the anesthesiologists, and all of the nurses — were scrubbed, wore sterile gowns, and wore masks. To me, it was just a given fact that the masks we wore helped to prevent the spread of viruses and unhealthy bacteria. Because of this, coming from a background like mine, I tend to believe what so many prominent scientists and medical doctors say: wearing masks saves lives.

    However, like you said, masks are uncomfortable, they make communication much more difficult, and as a fellow sufferer of asthma, I have struggled with that unfortunate side effect since my long ago nursing days. Furthermore, thanks to my background experiences, I am also acutely aware that doctors and scientists can sometimes be very wrong about things. So, it is possible that you are correct in thinking that wearing a mask does not stop the spread of viruses. I disagree with that belief, but I have been humbled enough by life experiences to know that my opinions about anything and everything can be mistaken. Only God has infinite and infallible wisdom.

    Although my opinion on the efficacy of mask wearing differs from yours, your reason for wearing a mask, despite your belief, is AWESOME. In a nutshell, you wear a mask out of selfless love. That’s why I LOVE this post! God is love, and our Lord Jesus said that the greatest commandment is love. When we operate from a motive of selfless love, lives are saved — spiritually, as well as physically. Praise God!

    1. OOps, I should have clarified that my hours of observing and assisting during surgeries only happened when I was a nursing student. After I graduated and became a licensed nurse, I was doing other things.

  8. Well, let’s see…I have made some strides past my claustrophobia with them and manage to wear mine where requested, so that’s a plus. 🙂 Where I am more than weary of the way fear is being perpetuated in some quarters, I, of all people, get what anxiety feels like. Not a fun thing. Therefore, I definitely believe in being respectful of others’ concerns, whether I have the same or not. Now, the ability to concentrate well in stores with a mask on is not always what I’d like it to be, so I’ve still been doing a lot of curbside pickups. This has its perks (my joints don’t ache from slogging through a store for hours) and drawbacks (less opportunity to choose my own items or get outside of myself to interact with others). I can’t imagine how tricky it must be to try to teach language with one on! ( Have you considered a clear mask?) As to allergies…I do see some waning, others surprisingly not as much as I’d hoped. I know some asthma sufferers that have struggled as well, so definitely get that. Thankfully, we are trending way down in our little area so places are becoming a little freer to make their own policies. National chains are largely maintaining their requirements, but some local businesses, as well as our school district have recently gone optional. The relief in our students was a nice thing to witness and a reminder of just how much we’ve asked of them. My hope and prayer is to see the fears fall away altogether. At any rate, God is ever in control, whether or not we recognize it.🙂

  9. I agree, the masks do not stop a virus, and I am so against them. I myself wear the glasses clear shield.
    It is sad, because it’s only brought division between people. People don’t look at one another. I try to make eye contact in the marketplace, but most people look away. I’ll only wear my shield where the shopping center expects it. Otherwise it’s off when I’m out and about. I’m glad I’m retired from my job because working at the doctors office wearing a mask for 8 hours is unhealthy. Especially for those with asthma. One of my coworkers was getting a rash on her face from the surgical masks that were handed out. Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the masks. Mostly I feel bad for the children.

  10. It’s still against the law here to leave your house WITHOUT a mask. So mask wearing is mandatory for sure!
    And although I don’t LIKE wearing it, I’ve adjusted, and have no issue with wearing one.
    I’d hate to think that without it I am risking making someone else ill, so I guess that helps me ‘not have a problem’ with wearing one 😉

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