Tell Me- A Game Posted by Riya in India

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Hello beautiful bloggers and readers. Here is your pretty friend Riya from World Of My Thoughts with a fun filled question challenge for you all. Without wasting any time, let’s begin:

Question 1: Tell me what did you eat yesterday

Question 2: Tell me how are you today?

Question 3: Tell me what are your plans for tomorrow?

How it works:

It’s a game and a challenge..

Everyone is free to do it.

Don’t make it too complex. You can post your answers by creating a post. But, please please please don’t forget to mention me and tag this post so that I may come to know that some sweet person has taken part, or just drop them in the comment section below.




1- I ate tuna salad from a deli. almond milk blueberry yogurt, and a slice of gluten free pumpkin loaf. That and some food like stuff at home. 🙂

2- I am good today. I am relaxing at home and writing my book.

3- My plans for tomorrow are to stay home and write some more. I want to finish my book before my break from teaching ends.

17 thoughts on “Tell Me- A Game Posted by Riya in India

  1. Happy New Year Matt!

    1.Yesterday I had oatmeal for breakfast and chicken cacciatore for dinner (and sipped a little champagne with my husband to welcome in the New Year). 🍜🍷

    2.Today I’m relaxing, reading the devotionals for today and this New Year, and giving my stomach a break because the sauce in my dinner didn’t sit too well…..and looking forward to an exciting year ahead with gratitude, knowing God’s blessings abound along the way.

    3.Tomorrow I go to work and hit the ground running, because I work in a doctors office obtaining insurance authorizations for patients upcoming infusions, which require approval.

    God bless! 😊

      1. I work in a Rheumatology office, with some patients on Remicade, Rituxan, Benlysta, Simponi Aria, Actemra and Orencia. So many different medications. Medicare and supplemental insurance don’t require approval. They’re covered 100%. It’s the advantage plans and commercial plans which change from year to year that I need to get approval for. Diagnosis’ are varied from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and lupus just to name a few. I love what I do. I used to do it before I retired from an Oncology office (in 2015) for 8 yrs, except it was for oral chemo medications. I was also helping patients with free medication or an affordable copay. Such a rewarding job helping patients afford what they thought was impossible. I was also in a good position to plant seeds for God. I know He placed me in that position because 8had so many opportunities to speak with people about the Lord, and be able to pray with them and for them.

  2. It’s the place where God was instilling within me a huge dose of compassion for others. I haven’t been the same since, and that’s in a good way. Thank you.

  3. Yesterday, I ate my usual light breakfast of yogurt and cheese with coffee. Being retired, I don’t have a “real” job to go to, but my writing fills some of the void. My domestic skills were needed today so I have spent some time cleaning my home. Tomorrow looks like a normal day with an appointment for a haircut.

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