What Do We See When?

Serving, teaching, helping people from so many different countries and cultures the past twenty years have given me a multitude of blessings. One of the big ones is appreciating how important it is to not judge by appearance and not buy into stereotypes. Getting to know a person for the individual they are is so important.

So what do we see when we see someone walking down the sidewalk who is different than we are?

What do we see when a young black man walks down the sidewalk? Do we see the person or do we see a stereotype?

Perhaps a person might assume a young black man listens to rap and hip hop music only. Yesterday I watched some videos on Youtube. Two blessed me so much. They are videos by young black men reacting to Opera. Yes- OPERA. I want to share their videos with you because they can help break stereotypes. Please watch these videos and be blessed. Please watch them and let stereotypes wash away.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

23 thoughts on “What Do We See When?

  1. You’re right. We should be careful not to stereotype. I have a cousin who is an opera singer. He lives in NY but he has traveled around the world singing. πŸ€—

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