We Never Retire from Serving God

Friday evening during my church life group, one of the women commented that she prayed for Trump when he had COVID because he is old. She also commented that Biden walks like an old man.

We all burst our laughing. Why?

She in older than they are. She is in her mid 80s. She goes to line dances, drives all over the state to watch her granddaughter play high school volleyball, and is very active. She is retired but still serving Jesus.

Photo by Alex on Pexels.com

It reminds me of my grandfather when he would talk about driving the old people in the neighborhood to the grocery store who were in their 60s and 70s. My grandfather was 81 when he made that comment after having gotten a speeding ticket on the highway.

Sharing these two humorous stories introduces a point. We never retire from serving Jesus. God has worked through people at ages that people would normally associate with retirement and perhaps even nursing homes.

Consider Abraham and Sarah. They had Isaac when Sarah was in her 90s.

Consider the Apostle John. He was an old man who while on the prison island of Patmos was given the vision by God that led to writing the Book of Revelation.

God is never finished with us in this life. We may retire from jobs, but we never retire from living for and serving Jesus. Even when the time comes to leave this life and enter heaven, we will then live with Jesus forever.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

27 thoughts on “We Never Retire from Serving God

  1. Yep. He is never done using us. I admit I grapple with this issue often being in my 40’s but physically worn well beyond that. Yet, still He has this way of opening the doors to minister each in our ways. 😊

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