Easing Into It

In a few weeks, my schedule will be back to full and busy. But God is arranging for me to ease into it a bit. My evening classes began in July and the next two weeks, I will be subbing an afternoon class. Perhaps easing back into it is a good thing for someone who has spent the summer hanging out at the coffee shop, aka my office. 🙂

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

One nice part of subbing the afternoon classes is that they are in Zoom, so after each class finishes, I can make the executive decision of whether to go to my office, aka coffee shop, or take a nap.

I have been receiving emails about my class that begins in a few weeks. For me, they are also a sign of fall is coming a time when I do not spend my days going from one place with air conditioning to another place with air conditioning like I do during the heat and humidity of summer.

During Amazon Prime Days, yes I know that was two weeks ago, I ordered a printer, so I can print out the pages of the two books I am working on. It came a few days after I ordered it. I guess it is about time I set it up, so I can print out the pages for editing. Realizing the school year is about to begin for my Family Literacy Program is motivating me to wrap up my books.

My summer has been meaningful and filled with writing, divine appointments at the coffee shop, and time with my Sunday morning group. Each season brings different blessings and opportunities from God. I hope your summer has been meaningful.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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