Book Is Finished and Published :)

Woke up early due to some pain, did some stretching, and now listening to some worship music. It is 5am and the worship music has inspired some birds to sing outside my window. It is a beautiful sound as the two blend together. Fortunately I do not teach this morning, so in a while I can go back to sleep.

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Some good news this morning for me is that my book Jesus Understands Trauma is published. The e-book will be available tomorrow and the paperback will be available in a few more days. I ordered an author’s copy of the paperback to look it over first.

My next steps are to create an author’s page on Amazon for the book, start a YouTube channel that connects with it, and network with some agencies I hope to connect with and donate to.

Once I have reviewed the paperback version, I will share with you the purchasing information.

My other book Lifted Out Of The Pit/Called To The Nations will be finished within a few weeks. My friend Ellen who has been helping me with formatting and cover designs will help me with it. She is a bit busy right now,. No problem, I can wait a few weeks.

My prayer is that Jesus works through the book to as Isaiah 61:1-2 says

proclaim good news to the poor.
bind up the brokenhearted,
 proclaim freedom for the captives
 and release from darkness for the prisoners

So after many hours, after editing, after adding, and after unknown copious cups of coffee at the coffee shop, the book is finished and will be available next week.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Book Is Finished and Published :)

      1. It’s going well. Works been busy so it was nice to relax, attend a church service and visit family.

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