Doctors vs Barbers

Just me at yet another doctor’s appointment. This one was at a dermatologist last Friday due to a rash that was spreading. Had to make sure it wasn’t a psoriasis flare. Next week will be an injection at the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. Life with chronic illness is a never ending series of doctors.

You may have noticed a change from my post My Realization. In that post I looked like this

I finally paid a visit to a barber and now I look like this

I think I prefer the scruffy look. What do you think?

Visiting the barber is much more relaxing than visiting any doctor. Barbers deal with the part of my body that doesn’t hurt-My Hair. Barbers are better at small talk. Barbers cost less. Maybe I should see a barber for all of my health concerns. lol

Joking aside, I am grateful for the good doctors Jesus has led me to. The Rheumatologist at UNMC is excellent. The Dermatologist office has two good ones. The Orthopedic Surgeon is great. It is just the barber doesn’t stick me with needles, draw blood, or move my body to see if something hurts. I always wonder about that. For example, tell a doctor a knee hurts and the doctor wants to bend the knee. I mean really can’t they just take my word for it. lol

I will continue to go to both doctors and barbers, but I do prefer one to the other.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Story Time- Batman Doesn’t Let Anyone See The Batcave

Yesterday I wrote about an unexpected snow in October 1997 that shut down my city for days. I thought I would be stuck at home, but some friends told me they would pick me up to spend the day at their house.

We had fun playing games, eating lunch and dinner, and talking. In the evening, the whole family got into the SUV to take me back home. I could not drive my small car on the streets due to the roads being so bad.

Now mind you that though I am not a messy person in the sense of dirty or grimy, but I must admit to clutter as in books everywhere and papers here and there. Organization in the home seems like an alternate universe to me.

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So when we pulled up to my place and the two little girls said to their mom and dad, “Can we see Matt’s place?” quick thinking was in order. My friend’s home is very organized and I thought the children should not see my place. The best I could come up with on very short notice was:

“Batman does not let anyone see the batcave.”

The little girls asked their parents if I was really Batman. I got out of the SUV to my friends laughing a bit.

Whenever I visited them after that, the little girls would ask me each time, “Are you really Batman?” I would tell them it is a secret.

Children are fun and their imaginations are fun. I enjoy talking with children. I don’t usually tell stories such as the Batman claim, but I love being around children. Children are precious to Jesus and we need to treat them as such.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

My Realization

As I sit in the classroom at my church where I will meet with my friend from Venezuela, a realization hit me.

I really need a haircut and my beard trimmed. Now that I have a little time, I will get it done today after I meet my friend from Venezuela.

She was a pediatric dentist in Venezuela, but came here a few years ago. She wants to be a dentist here, so e are working on her English to help her be ready for the Dental Boards. I love helping people realize their dreams and it is also fun to give them homework.

She will walk in wearing a sweater and may even a jacket because it is currently 49f/9c. She will wonder why I am walking around in a short sleeve shirt and pants. 🙂

There is a hair place close to the coffee shop, so I imagine my van will decide to take me to the coffee shop at I get a haircut. Speaking of coffee, I consider myself a coffee purist as in I drink it black no cream or sugar and certainly none of that fancy stuff. My assistant in my morning class had a pumpkin spice the other day and added caramel creamer to it. I told her she has lost her privileges to be called a coffee drinker. Do you agree with me? lol

What are your Saturday plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

My Olympic Level Talent

There is an event that I think I could win a gold medal for. I really wonder why it is not an Olympic Sport. I have been training for this event and believe I have achieved in it at a high level.

I am talking about power naps. A two hour nap is so easy for me. I can stretch it out to three or four hours. Really I think I am a champion when it comes to taking a nap.

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I plan on doing some extending training for napping during my short fall break. I already have it planned. It will start with a two hour nap tomorrow followed by another one Sunday. Monday is the day that I plan to put the most effort into training. Monday will be a three or four hour nap.

After a teacher’s meeting this morning and some planning time at school this afternoon, I am free for four days. I plan to make the most of the opportunity to practice.

Sometimes I hear my bed calling to me while I am at school. It is letting me know it is time to train. This weekend I will comply.

What are your weekend plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Fall/Autumn Is Here

Consider me one of the people who is excited that Fall is here. I LOVE autumn for various reasons. It is my favorite season by far. I think the first day of autumn should be considered a holiday 🙂

I love the cool crisp mornings of autumn. The air is fresh and eventually the pollen will be gone. I don’t even mind the occasional frost on my windshield.

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Then of course the time comes when we have fall colors as the leaves on the trees change to red, yellow, and orange. It looks like God has painted the trees with bright colors.

I also embrace the day that we end Daylight Savings Time and return to time the way it is supposed to be. I love the fall time change because I get to sleep one more hour.

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Bring on the caramel apples, the fall colors, the cooler days, Thanksgiving Day, college football, and everything else that comes with autumn. I am thankful God blesses us with this season.

What is your favorite part of autumn?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Inside My Mind

Come with me on a journey through my mind. It is not scary. I promise. Well maybe a little scary for some but not my readers. 🙂


A recent example was on Tuesday. I was at school and the Social Worker who has done things with the moms in my class before talked with me.

She said to me, “Matt we can get some new sewing machines to use with the moms. What do you think?”

These are the thoughts that raced through my mind.

“I can’t even sew on a button.”

“If I lose a button, it forever becomes an under the sweater shirt in the winter.”

“Sewing machines? I have never used one.”

“Oh wait a minute. Maybe they don’t expect me to do anything other that set aside time.”

Then out came the appropriate response.

‘Sounds great. Let’s do it.”

God knows our thoughts. Psalm 139:2 says:

You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

I think God gets a chuckle out of my thoughts sometimes.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Story Time- Tried to Make Chocolate Ice Cream

Sometimes I think I should be banned from even my own kitchen. At times I get an idea that somehow does not turn out the way I thought it would. The idea seems like a good one, but I quickly realize it was a terrible idea.

Case in point is the time I thought I had a way to make a version of sugar free ice cream..

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The idea that came to mind was to take low fat cottage cheese and add cocoa powder. My thinking was the cottage cheese contains the milk product but no sugar. I added the cocoa powder for the chocolate.. I eagerly stirred this strange concoction in anticipate of my creation.

Then I did it. I took one spoonful and into my mouth it went. To my horror, it quickly came out of my mouth as the realization that what I thought was an ever so clever idea was actually monstrosity. It tasted nothing like ice cream.

In my defense, there was nothing to warn me the idea wouldn’t work. But then perhaps that in itself should have been telling. No recipe exists for what I was trying to do. 🙂

So okay I am no Master Chef. God seems to have given me other abilities such as teaching. The classroom is a place that ideas I have actually turn out well. Another would be ministry among refugees and immigrants.

The truth of Ephesians 2:10 comes to mind.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Apparently cooking was not something I was created for. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Back to School Tag

Tomorrow children will go back to school in my city and the following week university students will go back to school. For me Back to School is an exciting time that is full of energy. For me education is a life long learning thing. I enjoyed studying Spanish for a year at the age of 50. I enjoyed studying Portuguese for a year at the age of 53. But Back to School brings back memories more from my childhood days.

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Here is how the tag works.

1- Choose any picture you like to represent school.

2- Please share a link back to the creator of Back to School Tag-

3- Thank the person who tagged you.

4- Answer the questions.

5- Tag whoever you like.

Here are the questions with my answers.

  1. What is a favorite memory for you from your school days?

I have so many. One that stands out to me as an early teen was being one of the students in a new class Life Science 3 & 4 in 8th grade. That led to the teacher asking me to be his Life Science Assistant when I was in 9th grade.

As an adult at the age of 50, it was a blessing when the professora told me, “language just flows through you.

2. What is a fun story from your school days?

For me it would be 5th grade with Miss Lee. I had a school boy crush on her. I volunteered to help her all of the time. I offered to erase the blackboard after class, to help handout papers. anything she wanted. But then I moved in to 6th grade and she moved away, so my puppy crush went unrequited. lol

3. Who is a teacher you have fond memories of?

When I was in 9th grade, I had a Crafts class with Mr. Haws. I was not very good at crafts such as making things from wood or plastic, but I loved the class because I had it in the fall. I played American football at the time. Mr. Haws was a huge Nebraska football fan, so every Friday we knew if we asked him a question about the upcoming game, it would take up the whole class time.

4. What classes did you like as a child?

I really enjoyed social studies. I loved learning about the world. In 6th grade I did a report on Peru and its history about the Incas.

5. What classes did you like as a university student?

I loved theology classes. I loved my classes about books of the bible and also Greek and Hebrew. I tend to love language classes in general.

6. Is there a teacher who impacted your life?

Many did but one that comes to mind is Mr. Richardson the Life Science teacher in 7th grade and 8th grade. When I was his assistant in 9th grade we talked a lot.

7. Is there a teacher you did not like but now you do?

Mrs. Buller in 3rd grade. During first quarter I had it made. I would do my in class work and homework and have time to have a little fun. When I got home, I would tell my parents I didn’t have homework. I would play basketball outside. At parent/teacher conference, my parents asked her why I didn’t have homework. She told them I did it quickly in class and it was always correct. She suggested they take me to the library and get books for 4th graders to read. At the time I thought she ruined my life. lol

If they choose to participate, I would like to tag:

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Thank you for reading. God Bless.

An Energizing Day at My School

Yesterday I went to the school where my morning Family Literacy class is. Each August when I go to my classroom. I wonder how bad it will be. It was not too bad.

halfway done

I got some of the room done and will finish it next week. School starts next Monday, but my Family Literacy Class starts September 7th. I have a few weeks to take care of many things such as finish lining up speakers for the fall for our Thursday Community Info time, meet with other teachers etc.

I got a new ID badge in June, but sent an email to the teachers I know well asking if I should have used this photo from a retirement party in May.

It may surprise you that it was a unanimous 100% yes from my colleagues. One even said it captures my personality. 🙂

When the moms come back to class, they will make the word wall, the class calendar for September, and decorate the room. I like to have them do it because it builds community among them and also gives them ownership of the classroom. One item that will be included is this poster.

I like the message. I want the moms to think of themselves as being empowered in my class.

It was wonderful to interact with my fellow teachers yesterday. We had Open House. even though my day was teach online 12-2, at the school 2:30-6, and teach online 6:30-9:30, I felt energized as the reality of a new school year dawned on me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

Coffee Shop and Deep Conversation

Yesterday afternoon I went to my favorite coffee shop for a few hours. My nephew came for a quick visit from Wisconsin. Due to it being a HOT summer day, I had Moroccan Mint Iced Tea instead of coffee.

My nephew and I covered many topics. He teaches in Wisconsin so we compared notes on teaching during the COVID year. We also covered sports and international travel. He is the one family member who shares the travel bug with me. Once a person gets bit by the travel bug it never goes away.

There were also opportunities to bless the workers with my jokes. 🙂 Although my nephew expressed his condolences to them for enduring my jokes. lol

After my nephew left, a man from Iran who I chat with at the coffee shop stopped at my table. He asked about the classes I teach and then wanted to know how his accent is. When I told him most Americans would understand him, he smiled.

I have been teaching online the past few weeks, so it felt good to get out and about again. Stay tuned tomorrow for my news about the change that happened this July. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.