That Was Fast- September Flew By

It’s the last Sunday of September already. It feels like I blinked and September flew by. The saying time flies when you are having fun seems to apply. This has been quite the month. Jesus has blessed me with many opportunities this month.

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It started with getting a car earlier this month thanks to generous people. That has allowed me to go to the Ukrainian church to teach on Saturday mornings. We have fun while studying. I love to see their smiles and hear them laugh especially knowing what they have been through.

My morning class started again this month, That certainly adds to time seeming to fly by. It is great to be back with the moms learning English, so they can help their children. They are going to decorate our classroom tomorrow, but something tells me they won’t want my help with that. 🙂

This morning I will see my Hispanic friends at church. We will practice English, sing a few songs in Spanish and pray. This afternoon I will go to a birthday party for an eleven year daughter of friends of mine from Mexico.

With all of this fun I have been having with my friends from other countries, it might be full steam ahead to Christmas. Did I mention there are only 90 shopping days left until Christmas?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

13 thoughts on “That Was Fast- September Flew By

      1. You’re welcome! Today I head to day 3 radiation and after my 5th on Wednesday I’ll go in as outpatient Thursday for internal radiation. I have moments of pain~but have a great team and the Ultimate Physician ~Christ! I’m staying hyper focused on my blessings and keeping a posture of peace by surrounding myself with nothing but what truly matters. Truly prayers, like yours, are making a difference. I know it! Stay blessed and well my friend!

  1. A good month of blessings for you!!! You don’t even need to travel across seas, God has given you plenty of missionary opportunities right in your own city! …Guess we all have that same opportunity—to share Jesus with others…we just need to be aware and take action with Him leading us!!

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