The Return of the Blueberry and Its Cupcake

After church today, I came to my office, aka coffee shop, and was blessed to see one lone blueberry that just so happened to on top of a cupcake. There it was sitting all alone in the refrigerated display case. So what is one to do but save it from isolation?

So I purchased aforementioned blueberry accompanied by a cupcake. At risk to my coffee purist status, I changed it up a little and got a Wild Raspberry Iced Tea. I guess they did not have time to tame the raspberries before making the iced tea.

It is a hot and humid day, so I intended to get an iced coffee, but gave the iced tea a try.

While in worship this morning, it seemed like God gave me an idea of one small edition to one of the books I am working on, so here I sit in my office, aka coffee shop, blogging and writing.

Sunday morning worship at church was wonderful. The focus was baptisms as eight people were baptized. We sang worship songs, listened to the testimonies of what Jesus has done in their lives, and cheered for them after they were baptized. I loved it.

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “The Return of the Blueberry and Its Cupcake

  1. Mine was awesome we had holy Comunnion today i realused from 1 Cor 14 that it us a very serious ceremony in which we take part in his death and his blood. Besides the blood being shed for the New Covenant I got a revelation that the Blood also gives life so that Israel was not allowed to eat blood for the life of the animal is in the blood.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday!!! …Jesus, baptisms, a cupcake (with the blueberry to make it healthy) and raspberry iced tea!!!
    How was the raspberry iced tea anyway, sounds yummy!?

  3. Sounds like a good Sunday. For me, church, family lunch, some lazing around and some family time bowling ( I lost πŸ€ͺ)and a movie.

  4. That sounds lovely, eight baptised praise the Lord. Glad you spice up your visit to your office πŸ™‚ with Ice Tea and rescued the blueberry cupcake.
    My Sunday, we had communion and this time it was also spice up to have it with someone next to you and say an encouraging word to each other, if you don’t know the person then learn something new and encourage them. Chaos but loved it as I stood next to two other lovely ladies.
    Thanks for always inspiring me Big Bro
    Have a wonderful week

  5. Matt, I bet that lonely blueberry appreciated your rescue mission. Quiet Sunday built around worship and just chilling at home. Alas, no blueberries . . . except in my wife’s yogurt.

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