Story Time- A Failed Recipe

First off I wish to announce the winner of last week’s poll for whose kitchen I should cook in. It was a close vote, but the winner is my little sister Dawn of She will be happy and honored to have me cook in her kitchen for sure. 🙂

Sometimes I get ideas in my head of a recipe idea. Occasionally I get lucky and it tastes good, but normally it is a disaster and something I never try again.

One case in point was when I thought I had figured out a way to make a healthier version of chocolate ice cream. I bought some low fat cottage cheese and mixed in some cocoa powder.

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Of course I did not stop to realize cocoa powder has no sugar in it and that low fat cottage cheese is not the same as vanilla ice cream.

I mixed in copious amounts of cocoa powder and took my first taste. I realized as soon as I tasted it that it was a BAD idea and threw the rest out.

Fortunately for us Jesus never fails at anything he does. A wonderful example is the time he was at a wedding in John chapter 2. They ran out of wine. Jesus had the servants fill the large jars with water. He turned the water into wine. When the person in charge of the wedding feast tasted the wine Jesus made from only water, he remarked that the custom was to serve the best stuff first and serve the cheap stuff after people’s senses were dulled but the best was saved for last.

The wine Jesus made from only water was better than their best. 🙂

Whatever Jesus does for us, helps us with, intervenes on our behalf for, is better than our best efforts. It is a simple truth but one that is too easily forgotten as we try on our own to solve our problems.

I wonder who I should try a new recipe? You can nominate someone by leaving a comment. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Story Time- A Failed Recipe

  1. Healthy chocolate ice cream: 2 over ripe (brown) bananas, vanilla extract, pinch salt, and some cocoa powder. Put it in a blender then freeze it for a few hours! 🙂

  2. Yay I won! But I’m not so sure I’ll be happy once you start cooking 😂😂 I don’t like cottage cheese so I’m not surprised it wasn’t good. I nominate Perth Girl, she has plenty of recipes for you to try.

  3. “Copious amount of cocoa powder.” 😅 . Your story time is my humor break. I look firward to some healthy laugh. Since Dawn won the last contest I will recommend her and I think she is a great cook who can teach you some lessons.

    I thank God that He can turn our worst into the best. Praise the Lord!

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