Music Mondays- King of Kings by Hillsong

I love the song King of King as it focuses on all aspects of Jesus from his birth, suffering, death, and resurrection. The opening lyrics especially grab me:

In the darkness, we were waiting
Without hope, without light
‘Til from Heaven You came running
There was mercy in Your eyes

Think of it. Jesus came running to our rescue because of his love for us. He always runs to us. He never ceases to care for us. He meets us in the everyday mundane things of life, the things that bring us down, and the trials.

He came to me yesterday as I lay in bed with a flare up that caused so much fatigue that I went nowhere. I had worship songs in my spirit the whole time and felt his presence until finally I was able to get out of bed. Then I had wonderful news that a brother in Christ from church has arranged for car repairs for me and will cover the cost.

This is a wonderful song to have in my spirit as I begin a new year of teaching, ministry, and the unknown. Jesus is the King of kings and he loves us.

I hope this song blesses you as much or more than it blessed me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

22 thoughts on “Music Mondays- King of Kings by Hillsong

  1. That’s wonderful news about the car repairs! That’s so kind of your fellow church member. God always supplies our needs.

  2. This is great. God is amazing. He is always concerned about us!. Such a graceful lover of us – King above all kings and Lover above all lovers.

    Thanks for the song share too big bro. πŸ€—

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