Having Fun in a Coffee Shop

Yesterday afternoon I was in one of my favorite coffee shops- surprised? I may have had a little fun making the employees laugh.

A few examples:

When the phone was ringing, the manager asked where the phone was. I was very helpful when I told her it was in the building somewhere.

When the guy who makes the gluten free panini sandwiches walked by, I asked when they changed the serving time to 11 to 2 from 11 to 2:30 while pointing to the countertop sign. He stopped and looked and then cracked up realizing I had faked him out.

While two young women were working at the counter, I asked them what exfoliating was. They explained it. I shared my observation that it would be cheaper to just us SOS pads- steel wool pads with soap in them.

When I went for a refill, I shared there was a tornado watch for Mc Cook a small city in my state. One of the workers asked me where McCook is. My answer- it is between here and Colorado.

Speaking of where things are, we do not need to worry about where heaven is or how to get there. There is no map and we can’t use GPS. But we do not need to worry about that because we can know the way. That is because the way is a person- Jesus. When asked about the way to heaven, Jesus answered in John 14:

I am the way, the truth and the life.”

I will be meeting a friend there this afternoon. Perhaps more fun will be had.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

13 thoughts on “Having Fun in a Coffee Shop

  1. Maybe they’ll surprise you instead and offer you a stand up comedy job at the coffee shop πŸ˜‰

    So thankful for the Way! What a great analogy you wrote!

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