Wellness Wednesday- 1 More Week

One week from today it will be time for my Rheumatology appointment at the University Medical Center in my state. This is the top hospital in my state and also happens to be one that has done world class medical stuff such as successfully treating Ebola patients.

Normally this is how I would feel about going to any doctor.

But I feel a certain peace about this visit. When I received an information packet, there was a form to fill out inviting me to part of a research project. When I first saw that, images of me running on a wheel like mice do came to mind. But it is only for anonymous statistical research.

I have been dialoging with a few people who have what I think I will be diagnosed with-Psoriatic Arthritis, It’s not just me thinking that but my GP and a dermatologist too. I have been educating myself about the various treatments as well.

A few humorous things occurred too.

When I was getting my haircut, I told the young woman cutting my hair that I have scalp psoriasis, so don’t worry if she sees red patches, She mentioned she saw one and pointed to where it was. I started scratching it, she said, “well don’t pick at it.” and laughed.

I had been trying to use a medicine for something on the bottom of my foot that I was mistaken when I self diagnosed it. The medicine did not help. It made it worse. I found out what I have there is psoriasis. So much for my medical career. I think I will stick with teaching and ministry.

Just a glimpse into the life of a spoonie-person living with chronic illness.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday- 1 More Week

  1. Praying for your upcoming appointment. A couple of days ago I returned to the shop for my first “real” haircut in exactly a year. My wife is happy because she doesn’t have to my barber anymore.

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