Word Wednesday- Courage

I want to thank parkinsonscare for suggesting that I choose the word courage for this week’s Word Wednesday. She wrote:

“I read a book about choosing a word for each new year. My word for this year is “courage.” In celebration, in January I read the book of Joshua to get immersed in the word. Want to do a Wednesday on “courage”? As a caregiver to my husband with advanced Parkinson’s Disease, I really need “courage.” God’s word is packed with encouragement for me.”

Please check out her blog at parkinsonscaregiver  and be in prayer for her and her husband. Being a caregiver for a loved one with an illness means the daily quiet kind of courage to help someone one loves while dealing with ones own feelings.


I love two definitions of courage; 1-the ability to do something that frightens one, and 2- strength in the face of pain or grief. The reason I love these definitions is that I think we can tend to think of courage with some action hero in mind who saves the day.

When I reflect on people in the bible who had courage there are obvious choices like David facing Goliath because David knew God would come through for him. But there are perhaps not so obvious choices. Mary the Mother of Jesus had the emotional and spiritual strength to be at the cross while Jesus died. Mary Magdalene went to the tomb in the first Easter Sunday morning even though she was filled with grief.

I recently watched a video of a girl who has Leukemia. Her name is Hannah. As I watched her videos, I was inspired by her positive attitude in the face of her struggle. No teenage girl wants to spend her high school years in and out of a hospital struggling with all that cancer entails.

Yet what is on her heart is that she wants to encourage others through her videos and in person.

I messaged her to ask permission to include one of her videos in my post and being an educator I wrote- of course ask your parents first. Her father messaged me back giving permission and he wanted to make sure we know that Hannah’s goal is to encourage others. They had just returned from a missions trip. How wonderful it is that she seeks to share her faith others. Her story is one of courage in the face of pain. I love the name for her channel- “Even Mermaids Get Leukemia” If you watch her videos, you will be encouraged in your faith and hopefully led to pray for her.

Please watch the video at the end of this post and visit Hannah’s youtube channel. If you have a youtube account, please subscribe. If you don’t have youtube but have a gmail email account, you can log on with that and subscribe.

Let’s surround Hannah with prayer and let’s pray that the Lord will encourage many with Hannah’s story and videos. I will also be praying specifically that the Lord encourage other children and teens facing cancer with Hannah’s videos.

Also if you could leave a comment saying something like- “I prayed for them” to let parksinsonscaregiver and Hannah know you prayed for them.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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