Moms Making A Difference Award

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who follow and read my blog. I hope this day is a day of blessing for you. Today I want to do something a little different and shine the spotlight on some blogging moms I think other moms would like to check out and perhaps follow. They offer different perspectives as moms at different stages of life.

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So I created the Moms Making A Difference Award for blogging moms. The seven I have chosen are ones I follow and admire. I do not want to make up a lot of rules just a few.

1- Please share a post about being a mom.

2- Please pass it on to another mom or other moms.

Let celebrate moms today and please check out the blogs I have listed if you do not already follow them.

Brenda is a mom whose children are in college. Her posts are fun to read and also uplifting for faith. Her blog is

Dawn is a mother of whose daughter is an adult. She shares her faith in her blog which I appreciate. Her blog is

Jess is a mom with young children. I enjoy her humorous stories about her kids and what they do. I also appreciate how she shares her faith. Her blog is

Christian Mommas is a blog of a community of Christian moms who share posts. I am most familiar with Temi’s posts and appreciate how she shares her faith and about life as a mom. The blog is

Denise is a mom in Jamaica who has written books for children about the environment. She also share poems she write in her blog and shares her faith. Her blog is

A mom in the Philippines shares her experience as a single mom of a son with autism. She shares her faith as she shares her experience. Her blog is

Kavitha is a mom in South Africa. Her daughter recently graduated. I enjoy her post of the beauty in South Africa and her life there. Her blog is

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. Thank you for reading, God Bless.

10 thoughts on “Moms Making A Difference Award

  1. Thanks for celebrating us. You are a blessing ❤

    This is my first mother’s day with the little one. The past 11 months of motherhood have been exciting and life changing. I have had seasons of uncertainty about my career. I am learning to seek God’s will in all I do and listen.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms reading this!!

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