Being A Blessing to Those At Risk

A few things that happened Sunday motivated me to write this post. They are not earth shattering type events unless you are part of an at risk group for the Covid-19 virus like I am.

Saturday evening I received a message from a young married couple from Vietnam. The husband was one of the three original members of a study group I had for teens from Vietnam in high school some years ago. He is now in Pharmacy school. His wife messaged me to ask if I was okay and if they could get some groceries for me. They did so Sunday evening. They brought me some meat. veggies, fruit, and brown rice pasta.

A friend from Bosnia brought me 2 large bags of popcorn later Sunday evening. I love popcorn.

That may not seem monumental to you, but as a person who is in 3 at risk categories for severe symptoms of the virus; over 60, have asthma, and have chronic illness, it was HUGE.

So I wanted to write a different kind of post today about how you can be a blessing to people who are in the categories of high risk at this time. Those categories are- over 60 and especially over 70, underlying medical problems like asthma, diabetes etc, and immunosuppressed such as people living with chronic illness or being treated for cancer. I should also include women who are pregnant.

So here are some suggestions on how to be a blessing.

1- Be in contact!!! The social isolation of staying at home and the loss of work can leave a person feeling alone. Call them on the phone. Message them via social media. Video chat is such a blessing.

2- Go to the store for them. HUGE. If you go to the store for them, you protect them from being exposed. Just make sure to keep social distance when you drop off the food.

3- Drop off a care package whether it is homemade cookies, junk food, whatever, leaving a care package at their door is a blessing.

4- Mail them a letter or a card. In this tech world we live in we often forget how it feels to receive something in the mail other than a bill or junk mail.

5- If they live in a place with a window they can see you from, stand outside and talk on the phone.

6- Order a delivery for them from a restaurant.

7- Send them a small gift through amazon

Just a few ideas.

Thank you for reading/ God Bless and WASH YOUR HANDS πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Being A Blessing to Those At Risk

      1. Thank you for asking . I am currently waiting for tests results on COVID 19 for a friend of mine. She doesn’t drive so I offered to drive her to the hospital as she
        is very concerned she may have the virus . Trusting her results are good so I can go for a walk.πŸ˜ƒ
        Are you well brother at this time? How are you managing?
        Please let me know if you have any prayer request . The most we can do is pray .

  1. Big Brother, take care and be safe. Wow, that’s a lot of popcorn.
    Being a blessing doesn’t have to be complicated, a phone call to someone alone, a small care package dropped off, an offered prayer, and a friendly note, can brighten someones day and give hope.

  2. Those are great suggestions. As the wife of someone who has been tested, and as part of a couple who has self-quarantined for the past 5 days, I would LOVE to have any of those suggestions. And we have. Here is thanks to all who have checked on us and sent us texts, emails, and cards. God is working through you to bless us. Thanks be to God.

  3. I love the letter in the mail! I need to do that for my mother – she is in 3 of the high risk categories (over 60, diabetic, asthma). I do talk to her every day on the phone.

  4. That popcorn looks good and you don’t have to worry about using the popcorn setting on the microwave since it’s cooked already lol. 🍿 Thanks for the tips! πŸ€—

  5. That’s so wonderful! I can understand how huge that would be for you. That’s SO nice! I feel better knowing that there are people close by who are thinking about you. I love the popcorn pic. πŸ˜ƒ Those are all great tips. I hope more people will remember high risk people and take the time to do something kind.

  6. Wow. They are blessed souls. Love that. And you have a lot of popcorn for the time being. 😊

    Thanks for the tips. It’s a time to spread the love. Be safe big bro. πŸ€—

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