Have Fun With Me to Break the Boredom

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Yesterday I had a flare up with Fibromyalgia. It started with not sleeping well which can be a symptom. I managed to get through an online Zoom meeting about classes restarting online next week even though I had a Fibro headache. The fatigue was such that I took two naps.

The beard trimmer I ordered from Amazon came. It is in the box, but perhaps won’t be used right away. My hope is to perform a script I wrote. It is a drama monologue of Simon of Cyrene the man who was forced to carry the cross for Jesus. As of this writing, I am not sure how it will be performed.

The reality of the first case of community spread in my city causing the restrictions to be extended to May was on my mind. So it is a concrete reality that I will not meet with students in person until next school year. It also means church services will continue to be online until May.

The days are getting boring staying home. Please help me break the boredom by playing a game with me.

So today I would like to have a little fun. I got this idea from lifesfinewhine.com. In the comments write an assumption you might have about me. Something like- You love mornings. In a future post I will reply to your assumption about me including a link to your blog. Let’s have a little fun in the midst of the boredom of social distancing. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless πŸ™‚

64 thoughts on “Have Fun With Me to Break the Boredom

  1. We are officially on a 21 day lockdown in S.A! We just have so many poverty stricken people who earn money daily by hawking goods or working as a gardener or domestic worker (maid). I will be blogging about it. Just watching all the news about what’s happening this morning.
    Yikes! May??

      1. We’re on a full 21 day lockdown. We’re only on day 2. People can’t even buy Liquor during this time. You can’t even be found with it in the boot of your car! The problem is with people in poverty stricken areas. Praying that this works as much to plan as we can.

  2. Andrew was having a rough day yesterday as well. 😐 This assumption thing is hard. Okay, I’ve got one. My assumption is that you never assume too much about people. You ask questions and get to know them.

  3. Praying for you sir. I have been struggling with Celiac again. Pain and discouragement turning into depression again. Fighting it in prayer. Sorry, don’t feel like playing right now. Praying God heals us both. God bless.

  4. I hope we get to see a picture after you trim your beard πŸ˜‰ Prayers for all of the changes in your community, big brother.

    Hmm… I assume that you love kids? Is that daring enough? Or too easy? πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Matthew. I assume you’re a good listener, and by listening to others, learn how you can best help them achieve their goals.

  6. My assumption is that you are a no nonsense kind of guy.
    My second assumption is that you have a special “liking” for one of your blogging friends πŸ™‚.

      1. I am looking forward to it. I like that you always include some fun things on your blog. You help to cheer our spirits during these times. Thank you.

  7. My assumption is that your favorite foreign language is Portuguese :D. Not talking about the people or culture related to the language, just about speaking the language (not trying to give you a hard time answering!)
    I don’t have a blog so you don’t need to link anything to me :).

      1. We’re doing ok. My sisters and I are dealing with distance working and its challenges. My mom and dad are at my dad’s farm which is in a relatively remote location in a small town. We believe it’s the best place for them to be at this time. We made sure they could get all the supplies and medications they needed so they don’t have to leave. They actually have way more room to walk out in the farm than us in our apartments, so we’re glad they are where they are.
        Looking forward to your post on Tuesday!

      2. We’re using Zoom and/or Skype here as well. Some of us are recording video lessons beforehand and sending them to students, then doing more interactive activities using voice chat programs.

  8. Let’s see Matt. You don’t like certain vegetables, especially beets and brussel sprouts. If you do, more power to you, but I don’t expect to be eating them anytime soon.

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