Keeping Easter Week During This Time

Tomorrow will be Palms Sunday. Normally one might see children walking to the front of the worship center carrying palm leaves while the congregation sings Hosanna. It is a wonderful way to start Holy Week when we remember the suffering of Jesus and his death on the cross and then celebrate his resurrection.

This year in most places people will not be gathering together in church buildings to celebrate Palms Sunday because of COVID-19 virus. But we do not need to let the gloomy circumstances around us steal our joy. Joy is not the same as feeling happy. Happiness can be fleeting depending on circumstances. Our joy is anchored in Jesus not in what happens in life.

Whether we are self isolating alone like I am, or with family, we do not have to lose the joy of Palms Sunday, the solemn observance of Good Friday remembering the death of Jesus, and the great joy of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

So today I want to share Hillsong’s Hosanna with you. Each day next week I will devote to the passion week of Jesus. I want to focus on him.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

28 thoughts on “Keeping Easter Week During This Time

      1. You’re welcome little sister. Remember Jesus is always there for you. Also remember your mom and dad love you so don’t be afraid to open up to them if you are struggling

  1. Great song! The words are beautiful. It’s hard to believe there will be no Easter services this year, but I’m thankful the power of the resurrection of Christ is with us everyday. Have a blessed day big brother.

  2. Iwas just looking online and another blessing is that tomorrow I can catch up with so many brothers and sisters of all denominations and have tagged a Palm Sunday Catholic Mass, a Church of England one and will be on zoom with my usual Sunday morning church family too. Thank God for technology and for church family. x Happy Holy Week.

  3. Sighs. The Isolation is really shutting out some graceful celebrations. But then, thankful for the blessing of Salvation that His death and resurrection has given us that no one can take away from us. 💃
    Happy Easter in advance.

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