Jesus Arrested and Falsely Accused

I will never forget the time in my life that rumors were swirling around about why I had left the school where I was studying for the ministry and I was alienated from the friends I had before I left for the school.

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I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death-literally. I was sick and dying and all kinds of rumors were swirling around about me and how God was punishing me. I had left the school not only because I was sick but also because I realized I could not affirm a few key doctrines of that denomination. So what to do with a guy like me? Perhaps vilify him?

Those issues have been addressed and healed over. I knew God was leading me to a new church, though at the time I thought it was to pray for the church while I was dying.

Being falsely represented and being accused is not something I would wish on anyone. We are human beings who mess up, sin, falter etc, but I would never wish that kind of experience on anyone.

Picture Jesus on the night he was arrested. There was a farce of a trial, A trial that was rigged before it began. He was falsely accused. He was abandoned by his friends. He knew what was ahead of him- torture and death on the cross. He could have stopped it, but he did not. Why? Because he loves us.

When we feel we have been falsely accused, misrepresented, or treated unfairly, we can look to Jesus. He endured much worse for us because of his love for us.

Today and tomorrow are reminders of how far Jesus went to love us unconditionally.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

24 thoughts on “Jesus Arrested and Falsely Accused

  1. I’m sorry that happened to you big brother. Andrew and I understand. Before everyone finally accepted that we were sick we had our fair share of accusations and being treated unfairly. One member of the church made a comment about Andrew in front of our Pastor who defended us and corrected the person who’d made the comment. So yeah… we get it. P.S. You’re awesome and I’m glad our paths crossed.

  2. I could not imagine the pain and the shame, my Lord endured for my sake during that trial, but how thankful I am that He did. What people do not understand, they do have the tendency to disregard

  3. Aww. It’s not a good feeling at all when one is wrongly accused. But then, thank God you continued on, to where He was leading you to instead.

    Yes, Christ suffered a lot for our sakes. May we live worthy of this sacrifices He has made for us. Amen.
    Happy Easter bro. πŸ€—

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