A Bright Moment At This Time

A bright moment happened Sunday in the midst of everything that is going on at this time. It was the climax of her season on American Idol.

It began with a nervous young woman from Harlem trying out. She was raised by her grandmother because her mother is in prison. Her grandmother is a devoted Christian and so is Sam.

Sam made it through to Hollywood week. People watched as she gained confidence. She made it to the final seven, the final five and then the top two. The votes were in and she won. Her first words in reaction were- “Thank you Jesus.” Words shared from a sincere heart.

The show surprised Sam by having Lauren Daigle call her and ask her to sing You Say together. They recorded from different places because of the virus, but this young woman from Harlem, who made money by singing for change on the subways, had a moment to shine with one of her favorite artists.

The show was stripped of all of its glitter and performances in front of audiences. The contestants performed from home. In the end, the words- “Thank you Jesus” were cried out from a beautiful heart, a beautiful smile, a beautiful young woman who loves Jesus.

It was a bright shiny moment for me to watch.

What bright moments gave you a smile recently?

32 thoughts on “A Bright Moment At This Time

  1. Wow! She did a great job!
    Bright spot, um, I watched the first 8 episodes of “The Chosen” online. It was very inspiring! I ordered the DVD, and it just arrived today! I’m looking forward to watching it again with my family.

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