Saturday Smile- A Comb?

During the second week of March I had a thought that I ignored. The thought was-“Maybe I should get a haircut.” I ignored the thought because my morning class was on break for one week and I just wanted to have a lazy week. I should have paid attention to that thought because the next week the shutdowns started including places to get a haircut. I still need a haircut.

So not being able to get a haircut quite yet, I did something radical. I bought a comb. I have not combed my hair in many many years because I usually keep my hair so short it never needs to be combed. I bought the comb, but it did not come with instructions.

I tried a few times and failed at using the comb.

I finally figured out how to use the comb that did not come with instructions.

I still need a haircut, but I did trim my beard Monday afternoon because my summer school morning class started Tuesday.

I thought perhaps a few of the students might be Yazidi and I did not want to trigger sad memories. The murderers who came into Iraq killing Yazidis all had beards. So I trimmed mine way down.

So my hair is still too long for a hot summer, but my beard is trimmed.

What fun silly adventures have you had during the shutdown?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

50 thoughts on “Saturday Smile- A Comb?

  1. Matt, I would have never thought about supplying directions for a comb. Corporate America messed up again . . . them, but not your hair. I went 10 weeks without a haircut. I think my hair hasn’t been this length for about 40 years. Now it is cut back much, much shorter. I should be good to go for several weeks.

  2. What fun photos!!
    Probably mine and paiges dance video was the goofiest thing we didπŸ˜…
    I love your respect for the yazidi people that you would trim down your beard to help them feel comfortable..super kind move!!!

  3. You’re certainly a funny one, big brother. I love the silliness πŸ€ͺ
    On a serious note, it was nice of you to not trigger possible awful memories for your students. This shows an affection beyond the walls of the class.
    As for your question, though there has been lockdown, nothing much in my schedule has really changed with the exception that I’m not taking Zach wrestling after work so there has been no time to be extra silly on my end.

      1. I’m hanging in there. Crazy riots and looting here. We got put under curfew at night. πŸ˜“ BUT, the Lord is good my brother! I am so blessed. 😊

        How are you? Are things opening up there? Are you in timeout or can you roam freely? πŸ˜‚
        Most importantly, did you replenish your chocolate supply?

      2. We are opening up slowly. We had a few nights of looting but the protests have been peaceful since.

        I bought chocolate 🍫 ice cream πŸ€—

  4. I haven’t combed my hair in a few days- not years though haha- but I just wash it and braid it so it doesn’t need to be combed/styled.

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