Being A Blessing to Your Child’s Teacher

My first post today was about things to remember when it comes to the teacher for your children during this time of COVID.

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I just wanted to share some practical ways to be a blessing to your child’s teacher.

1- Let them know you are praying for them and give them your email address to email prayer requests.

2- Ask them what brand of hand sanitizer is allowed in the classroom and buy some for the teacher.

3- Buy a FUN face mask for the teacher to wear if they are required to wear one.

4- Give the teacher a gift card to a coffee shop or somewhere they like.

5- THANK them!!! They will hear a A LOT of complaining and have no control over decisions. Thanking them and letting them know you appreciate them can help a lot.

Just a few thoughts.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

33 thoughts on “Being A Blessing to Your Child’s Teacher

  1. This is a very thoughtful post!!! Teachers are feeling the pressure right now and these will be such a good ways to show your appreciation.

      1. I would if I could. Andrew is being a tad over protective of me since a close family member left her husband and remarried. Can’t mention any male friends/brothers in Christ without him growling. And he is very adamant that he has every right to be that protective. I get it. It was hard on our whole family. It’s still hard.

      1. I’m good. I’m working in the office for the week. I miss being at home in a lot of ways lol. How’s your day?

  2. this reminds me of my grade school teacher, Ms Chan. she taught me lots, but the main ones that struck me was that she taught me to be confident in myself, she taught me to be fair, she insoired me to grow up to be the man i am now. i lost contact with her after a few years, and i just felt – with your article – that i should always say thank you to the teachers out there.

  3. Great post about recognizing the effort that teachers put in and offering gestures of positive reinforcement. Teachers had it hard before the pandemic and Covid-19 hasn’t improved their working conditions. Thanks for giving educators a shout out!

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