Things to Remember About Teachers for This School Year

My morning class will start again in 6 weeks. It is not that far off. My morning class meets in an Elementary School building. I teach moms English at the school where their children go. Classes for the children will begin in Mid August.

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Some things to PLEASE remember about teachers when the school year begins. I interact with teachers for the children all of the time.

1- Teachers have no say in decisions about whether to have classes on site or not. If you complain about it to the teacher, you are only piling on them over something they have NO Control over.

2- Teachers care about your children.

3- Teachers had NO CONTROL over decisions about the shutdowns of school. They tried to make the best of an impossible situation for the sake of your children.

4- Teachers can not refuse to let children into class. Doctors can refuse to see patients showing signs of COVID in their office. Teachers can send the child to the school nurse.

5- Teachers had NO say in the decisions about whether to have in person classes, about requiring children to wear masks, or anything. They will be trying to make the best of an impossible situation.

The list could go on!!!

The coming school year is a time that we can show teachers the love of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit, and gratitude.

I know this is not a normal type of post for me, but it is an issue near and dear to me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Things to Remember About Teachers for This School Year

  1. Thanks for sharing these things. Teachers have been pretty much given an entirely different job overnight. And all the complaints against them are ridiculous. I for one, have been completely impressed with how they’ve taken on these current challenges and pressed on for their students!
    All the best to you as well this coming school year!

      1. I’m doing well. Definitely praying for the church a lot more lately as many seem to be either falling away where I live or falling into offence, which is equally scary. I’m trusting that God will not abandon us and that he is using this time to purify us as a body.

  2. Most of the frustrations I have seen is stemming from the i realization of number 5. They have zero control over the decisions which come about. Be considerate.

  3. Thank you for reminding everyone of this! I feel like some people are blaming teachers without understanding that they had no say in the decisions made.

  4. Also, what works for today may not work tomorrow. Everyone needs to remain flexible. Change is bound to happen😊

  5. Thanks for sharing this, big bro. We need to get this word out there.
    You and every other teacher, are doing your best to keep engaging your students. And this I give you all kudos for. Keep it up bro. 🤗

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