Music Mondays- No Doubt About It by We The Kingdom

How does my broken heart
Keep bringing me back to You again?
Sometimes I fall apart
But You’re always there just like a friend
Just like a friend

I love these lyrics in the song No Doubt About It by We The Kingdom. Especially thinking about the past five months dealing with the pandemic and all of the issues that come with it. Have you felt like falling apart at times? I have had my moments.

But Jesus is always there. He is the best friend a person could ever have.

When Jesus gave the invitation for all who are weary and burdened to come to him in Matthew 11, the reason he gave was- “For I am gentle and humble of heart.”

So I would like to share this song with you today. May it encourage you today.

By the way, We The Kingdom has a website you can check out. It is

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

10 thoughts on “Music Mondays- No Doubt About It by We The Kingdom

  1. It is wonderful to consider the heart of Jesus as being humble and gentle. He proves it time and time again by picking me/us up when we fall. I also meditate on the invitation He extends: “All who are weary and burdened.” That’s everyone! What an awesome God we serve!
    Blessings this day to you Matt,

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