Where I Look for Hope in a Pandemic

There is benefit to putting ourselves in other’s places in life to understand where they are coming from and not expect others to think the same. I have been thinking about how others respond to the crisis of this pandemic.

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

If all a person has to look to for hope is science, medicine, and government, life right now would be very concerning. Science and medicine don’t seem to have all of the answers at this point. No matter what country a person lives in, some would be disillusioned by the government’s response. All of this would add up to the time we are living in now is one huge scary time.

So why am I at peace? I am in a few of the high risk categories. Why am I am peace?

It has nothing to do with me. It is all about who I am looking to in the midst of the pandemic and its consequences.

I am looking to Jesus.

Yes, I hope science and medicine come up with a cure that does not necessitate a vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested. Yes, I hope the government of my country gets its act together to provide help. But I am not looking to them for hope.

I am looking to Jesus.

Jesus promised in John 16:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

There have been pandemics and economic woes before. There has always been trouble in this world we live in. But Jesus has overcome it all. He faced the worst thing that can happen to us, DEATH, and defeated it for us.

My desire is to share my hope with others, be an encouragement to others, and pray for others.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

41 thoughts on “Where I Look for Hope in a Pandemic

  1. Amen!!! I don’t not understand how people do life without Him..breaks my heart! If people would just give scripture a chance, reading it, they’d see just how undeniably real He is!! They’d feel hope like no other❤️

  2. He is our hope who has broken down every wall! He is way, the truth, and life! On days where I feel a lack of serenity I immediately go to Him asking Him to take all of me. He does not just want part, he wants all. Absolute surrender! There is hope in the distress of this pandemic. Miracles are still be worked in circles around my life daily. I just have to keep looking up, and keep on keeping on. He is so faithful to complete the work he started!

  3. I’m so glad that you do share that hope. And so thankful for the many times you have told me that Jesus loves me when I feel like I will never get things right. Love you dad! 😃 ❤ Great post. By the way, your theme song is the first song on my post today called "Adventure" Of course Captain Adventure should have a theme song. 😀 ❤

  4. AMEN!!!! This season proves us that only God is in control of things and there’s no other security than being His. … Thank you for sharing this!

      1. sick-ish and busy. hahaha. but generally doing great…. just struggling to update this account here as always… sigh.
        how bout you? Hope you arent sick!

      2. Not COVID thankully. hahaha. I was having a hard time with my eyes since i lost my glasses. it’s giving me bad headaches… i had been on my computer for almost 20hrs a day bc i was trying to learn something. and not having enough rest. sigh

  5. For sure, if we only had science to rely on, we’d be depressed all the time. Three are lots of good things going on out there, but with the negativity bias, we focus on the negative.. cheers to the good people, hard work, volunteers, givers, those who shed light and hope.. Nice article..

  6. Excellent post! It’s like Peter walking on the water: he couldn’t do it but Jesus allowed him. When his focus was on his Savior, his steps were fine. When he focused on the things around him, he began to sink. And like Peter, and so many others, reminders like yours are great to hear 🙂

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