Thankful for Teaching Online-Grateful to Be Back in the Classroom Soon

Last night, I had a study group online with students from Bosnia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Japan. This morning I will teach a Brazilian friend English online. This afternoon I will teach Yazidi students from Iraq in an online citizenship class. This evening I will teach citizenship online for students from Honduras, Iraq and Mexico.

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It would be much better and more fun to teach them in person, but I am thankful I can teach them online via Zoom. Because of technology, I can interact online with students from 8 different cultures/7 different countries in one 24 hour period.

As much as I have enjoyed teaching online, I really want to be back in the classroom. Yesterday morning we had a 3 hour meeting about the program I teach in called Family Literacy. We will be back in the building when class starts Tuesday September 8th. That means I will see my students IN PERSON!!!

It will be a blended class with most students in person and a few joining remotely via Zoom. That in itself will be a new adventure, but one I am looking forward to.

So a new school year is getting closer. As long as there is no big spike in COVID cases in my city in the next week, we will start in the building that I have not taught in since March. It has been six months of learning new ways to teach, adapting on the fly in some cases, and hopefully the long and winding road is over.

I am thankful that Jesus has blessed me with staying connected with friends and students from other countries. I am grateful to be back in the classroom.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

53 thoughts on “Thankful for Teaching Online-Grateful to Be Back in the Classroom Soon

      1. I’m in my last hours, and it’s kinda crazy. One more shopping trip about to happen. My mom is much more stressed than me. I’m pretty chill. Just gotta finish packing.

  1. Face to face classes are so much better. I pray that in-person classes can continue for you and you and your students stay safe and well as it starts and goes ahead.

  2. In this pandemic I am happy to know my daughter who is in high school can do it safely on line at home. My son is on college campus it makes me nervous he graduates in December

  3. I’m so glad you will be able to see your students in person! Online classes are great and of course necessary for many but in person learning/teaching is just so much better.

  4. Wonderful! I’m so glad you’ll be able to return to the physical class soon. Will you continue to offer some lessons online and how can someone join? I know a woman who is seeking an online citizenship class.

  5. Awesome!!!! It is such a blessing that you’ve been able to stay connected even if only through technology..I know it’s better meeting in person so I’m excited for you this coming week! Love your passion for others!!

      1. Hey we’re good here!! Heading to Colorado to the mountains this weekend! Enjoy blogger chat tomorrow if you plan to do one…I’d join but ummm not sure I’ll have service when I’m hiking!πŸ˜‚

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