Help me Decide

I bought some new facemasks to wear when I teach in the mornings. I felt it would be important to have some that will be friendly for children to see. Three of the masks are for me and two are for my assistant.

So if you happen to see my post before I leave to teach Friday 7:45am CST, please let me know which one you think I should wear first.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Please share your choice in the comments.

53 thoughts on “Help me Decide

  1. I like #1. It brings out my inner child and makes me want to go do some coloring. Considering that I am 67, that’s a cool feeling!

  2. I will go out on a limb and be the only one who’s says 2. I see the white getting very dirty very fast. The 2nd one offers the same vibe as the 1st just is black. Which one do you like best so far. Do any of them feel better? That helps me decide a lot too. Some are really uncomfortable and fit better at the ears?

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