Music Mondays- Don’t Tread On Me by We The Kingdom

Jesus is the King of kings the Lord of Lords. He is the Lord over all creation. He has the name that is above all names and he has all power.

When Jesus came, Satan thought he would win by working behind the scenes to get Jesus crucified, but it was at the cross that Jesus won. Jesus died for us so we could be restored to relationship with God.

Jesus did so because he loves us. Because of Jesus, we can be children of God.

So when Satan and his followers attack us, Jesus considers an attack on himself. There is no provision for the fallen angels, demons, to be forgiven. Their judgement is already determined.

I love this song Don’t Tread On Me because it reminds me that Jesus is the all powerful King of all creation and he is the one who won the victory for us.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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