Believe It Or Not- Some Things I Enjoyed about 2020

I realize it is difficult to believe anything about 2020 could have been enjoyable. It was certainly the most difficult year I can remember not just personally but for everyone.

However, there were some things I actually enjoyed that my fellow Spoonies, person living with chronic illness, will understand.

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I enjoyed staying home in my comfortable hoodie and sweat pants.

I thought it was fun that I could teach online wearing a dress shirt and sweat pants or in the summer shorts and be barefoot. I had never ever taught while barefoot before.

I loved being able to take naps between classes if needed. Having 4 chronic illnesses that each has fatigue as a common symptom, naps are a blessing.

Were there any fun little aspects of 2020 you enjoyed?

Thanks for reading. God Bless.

29 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not- Some Things I Enjoyed about 2020

  1. Great post! I can relate to these! I loved having time to write more. Though 2020 brought many winds of change ~it was in these times I distinctly heard God’s calling on decisions I needed to make ~and he blessed it all in 2020. I don’t forget what he’s done for me this year and every year before.

  2. I enjoyed the slower pace of life and not being so busy going so many places. I also enjoyed the family time and extra time to walk/exercise and read. Blessings to you!

  3. Wow I never realized you had 4 illnesses.❤️ You have to be extra cautious then!
    I was thankful for more time at home, and joining blogger chat of course!!

  4. My greatest blessing is my wife of 53+ years. We still appreciate and love each other dearly. Even though I need to be pushed to get anything done around the house. I am working on that. I like music and do karaoke. Can’t do karaoke – but I stay in touch with a DJ who has karaoke gigs from 7 – 11 pm for old timers like me. I need a heart valve operation. And I appreciate I have a surgeon who isn’t going to put me into greater jeopardy when our hospitals have ICU beds filled with COVID patients.

  5. First, I was so hoping that was YOU on the couch in that picture. (Smiling)
    Second, I have become a fan of naps also, but there’s one thing I love more. I used to feel guilty while indulging in personal pleasures such as jigsaw puzzles and sudokus. But during 2020 I have had time for them without the guilt! What a gift!

  6. I was blessed my spending more time in prayer and in scripture and having the space to re-appraise what/who really is most important to me. I also enjoyed the quieter roads and cleaner air.

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