My Haircut Adventure

I had not had my haircut since last June. I started to think about getting a haircut las October, but the COVID dial went to red for severe risk and has stayed there since then. My hair got uncontrollable.

So Wednesday evening, I decided to try to cut it myself using my beard trimmer. The front and top look somewhat okay, but I could not see what I was doing with the back.

Thursday morning I wore my Love Justice baseball cap when I walked into the school where I teach Family Literacy and kept it on until after my class started. The students were trying to figure out why I was wearing it because I have never worn one in class. Then I took my cap off to show them I had cut my hair.

One problem-the back looked real bad.

While I was studying with one small group, one of the students used Google Translate to write a message for me. It said, “Do you have scissors for your long hairs?” Evidently there were patches of hair I missed.

I grabbed some scissors and began to try to find them. She walked over and took over. After ten minutes, it looked better.

When she finished, she look at me and said, “Nunca debe tratar corte su cabello otro vez.” You should never try to cut your own hair again.

At least I provided my students with some entertainment and laughs during this crazy time of COVID.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

42 thoughts on “My Haircut Adventure

  1. That’s a really nice story. Andrew has tried to cut his own hair before. Yes, it’s definitely difficult to reach the back. He should never cut his own hair either. I haven’t been to the hairdressers since we got married. But I keep my hair long. It’s easier to trim long hair. I did once try to cut my hair when I was a teenager and needed my mom to rescue me because I couldn’t get the back. So there you go… hair cutting adventures. πŸ™‚

  2. I think the front looks good in the image! I think it went well for your first try. I have been cutting my hair for a few years now and my first try was not great so I get the struggle.

  3. Mol! 😹 great story! Human #2 tries to cut his own hair too- and it looks like he got attacked- his friends asked him what he did to make the Can Opener (human #1) so mad!😹

  4. Hahshahahhahahaha…..
    Brother Matt, phir kabhi nahin….
    (Never again)
    Pronounced: firr cub-e nuh-hee

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