Fun in School During COVID

The school where I teach in the mornings has a system of Gold Tickets. Gold Tickets are given to the children by any teacher or staff member who sees them do something kind to others or show good behavior. The classroom that leads in Gold Tickets gets to have the Eagle in the room. Of course even it needs to be safe during COVID.

One of the fifth grade classes is the proud host of the Eagle.

For my part, I try to have a brilliant joke ready each morning to share with other teachers and staff. This morning I let them know the new health directive if a child has an injury playing peak a boo. Take them to the I C U.

As I brought the bananas into the teacher’s lounge yesterday, I found out some are speculating as to what I would bring if the COVID dial gets down to green.

I told them it is top secret.

The moms in my Family Literacy class like to joke with me. Yesterday they asked me how old I am. They laughed as I reacted to their guesses. When I told them I am 22, one of the moms used Google Translate and read to me, teacher is lying. πŸ™‚

We are trying to find small ways to keep school fun for the children and for us during this time of COVID.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Fun in School During COVID

  1. School keeps moving along. Much thanks to blessed teachers who have persevered. One of my daughters teaches elementary music, and she has been faithfully going into her assigned classrooms since fall. My other daughter and niece have been teaching a blended classroom with some students physically in the room while others are attending virtually. All of them have had to adapt and be flexible . . . with a smile.

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