In The Zone?

This picture is of me starting the Zoom session for my morning class before the remote learners join. The projector is on so it gives a cool look behind me. Am I in the zone? Maybe I have been partially absorbed into Zoom like in the old movie Tron when a man gets absorbed into the video game Tron.

This school year has been unlike anything I ever experienced before. Starting my day consists of arriving in my classroom, getting my laptop connected to the projector, starting the Zoom session, greeting in class students as they enter, while simultaneously letting Zoom students in.

Finding the balance of giving attention to in class students and remote learners during the same class period has been a bit of a juggling act. Even more so helping the students keep the sense of community among each other when half the students are remote leaners.

I am not unique. This has been the experience of educators everywhere. Some teach 100% remote and some teach blended classes like me. All educators have had to adjust A LOT.

I share my experience to help those who read my blog to understand what teachers all around the world are experiencing at this time. So please be kind to teachers. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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