A Reunion at a Coffee Shop

I had a wonderful assistant last school year. We worked together so well. My students loved her. She is a bright young woman with a bright future ahead of her. The school year was clicking along and then suddenly in March 2020 it came to an abrupt end because of the shutdown due to COVID.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My class resumed remotely but the powers to be of the program decided I did not need an assistant due to low numbers joining remotely. It is one of my biggest regrets about the COVID year. We kept in touch a little, but I did not have an opportunity to see her again until yesterday.

Yesterday we met at the coffee shop. It was a wonderful three and a half hours of catching up, sharing about our lives, and talking about issues we both care about. She also gave me some good ideas for my book as we talked about it. One of the issues we both feel strongly about is human trafficking which my book is about.

Reconnecting with people is going to be a process as life slowly returns to “normal”. It is the simple things of life I missed the most like meeting friends at a coffee shop, visiting my refugee and immigrant friends in their homes etc.

Meeting my friend yesterday was a moment that made me feel connected again. It has been wonderful to meet people in Zoom meetings but it is not the same as in person. We need connection. God created us to be relational whether it is friendship or family.

Today is my last day of break. I will probably spend most of it on my book with the fresh ideas from my friend to be incorporated.

How is your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “A Reunion at a Coffee Shop

  1. Just starting my Spring Break. Feeling much better after flu-like symptoms from my second COVID shot.

    I hope to write some this afternoon as well.

    Hey, what was the website again that sells bracelets to help the victims of human trafficking? You mentioned it on here before.

    God Bless

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