Palms Sunday- Jesus Knew What Would Happen

Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified”

Today Palms Sunday will be observed in churches around the world to remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem the Sunday before he was crucified. The people threw palm leaves and even their cloaks on the road shouting out Hosanna- save us.

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But Jesus knew that only five days later the shouts would be, “crucify him.” Jesus knew he would be betrayed, arrested, put through a rigged trial, tortured beyond recognition, and nailed to the cross. Jesus knew all that was about to happen and he rode into Jerusalem. Jesus was no victim. He voluntarily went into Jerusalem to endure it all because of his love for us.

In many churches today children will come in carrying palm leaves or paper ones singing Hosanna. It makes for a nice moment for the parents and grandparents. It is fun to observe. But it does not capture the depth of the drama of the first Palms Sunday.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem hearing the shouts of Hosanna knowing fully well all that was about to transpire. He did so for you and me. That is what I will remember today.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

23 thoughts on “Palms Sunday- Jesus Knew What Would Happen

  1. Amen, I am always struck how immediately following His descent from the Mount of Olives, to shouts of Hosanna, in Luke 19:41-44 He wept over Jerusalem and prophesied her destruction. To me, his mourning over those who rejected Him and His resolve to lay down His life for His people deserves far more focus than the ephemeral shouts of praise, and would truly glorify Him in the hearts of His people.

  2. Yes, indeed, He knew! And He did it anyway. That depth of love is beyond anything we can imagine! A beautiful and a humbling thing! Thank you for reminding us, Matt!

  3. Amen. What a wonderful Lord and Saviour that He is. He willing laid down His life for us all. Have a blessed Palm Sunday! We serve a risen Lord!

      1. I am getting there step by step. Some days are better than others, but God sustains us. 🙂 Love you too. ❤

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