Thoughts on Shopping from me?

In my English class, we have conversation time using questions I write that relate to every day life. One of the questions is-where do you like to go shopping? We take turns asking each other. The students always laugh when I say, “I don’t like to go shopping anywhere.”

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So why am I writing about shopping? Certainly not to offer advice because I have none. My purpose is to share a conclusion and conviction I have reached.

During the pandemic, I have to admit to buying from a certain GIANT online company. It is so convenient with deliveries right to my door and cheaper too. However, several months ago I realized something. The same shampoo I bought from aforementioned GIANT online company only cost me $2 more at a locally owned natural food store.

So I purposed to pay more attention to shopping locally. Why? 2 excellent reasons in my mind.

1- By shopping locally I can interact with people who live in my city. If I interact with them, perhaps I can share the love of Jesus with them someday. I can certainly share a joke and at least brighten their day.

2- I would much rather help my local economy than some huge corporate giant. Buying locally means my money helps my community which means it helps local people keep jobs.

So my decision was to only buy from the GIANT online company items that I would perhaps only find at another huge company that builds super centers and squeezes out smaller stores.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

29 thoughts on “Thoughts on Shopping from me?

  1. Face to face conversations are almost always best. A supervisor at work sent everyone on my team an email yesterday. She needed a question answered. My teammates and I talked about it at lunch. Once we decided our course of action, someone said, “Who’s going to email her back?” But I said, “Her office is right over there. One or two of us should just go talk to her. So we did.

  2. I agree about supporting local businesses. I try to do that too. And yes, the chance to make someone’s day is an added plus if we have face to face conversations.

  3. I am guilty of GAINT online shopping but I prefer fruits from the market.
    I have become more intentional now from reading your posts on it 🙂
    Thank you big bro and lovely to see you today.

  4. I really like your idea. Supporting local is important to us, too, especially as small business owners. The opportunity to exercise our support has been unfortunately gotten a lot more difficult in recent years, but definitely still aim for it when we can make it work.

  5. Amen, I’m with you brother. Who knows what God is up to in that personal interaction between you and that other precious life? Just a word of encouragement or a smile, even if it’s just with our eyes, can make all the difference in that person’s day. That’s what it means when you’re blessing God, then He delights in you. 🤗

  6. During the past year, the only places I have regularly frequented have been to grocery stores and the post office. Yes, I have relied on the convenience of shopping online. I am certain that my shopping experience will expand to other stores when I can safely do it.

  7. I totally agree with you. The purpose of the pandemic was to force us to buy from the super rich giants and squeeze the small owners out of business. So by all means make an effort to shop locally.

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