Conversation Time with My Students

Each day in class we have conversation time in both my morning class and my afternoon class. We use questions that connect to real life and vocabulary they learn in class. As we talk, the room is usually filled with laughter. Some fun examples from yesterday:


While talking about what we do when we have a cold, one of the moms said, “My husband is a cry baby when he is sick.”

While talking about places they want to visit in America, one mom said, “I don’t know anywhere. I have only been in Lincoln.”

When the students begin to joke with me, it is a sign for me they have become comfortable with me as their teacher. Yesterday while talking about where we buy food, I shared with the moms. “Russ’s Market because I can order online and they bring it to me.”

One of the moms giggled as she said, “if you go to the store, you can get exercise walking around the store.”

I try to keep the class fun for them as they learn. They have enough stress already as busy moms during the COVID pandemic. Each morning, I pray for them. The school year is going fast as fall break is only three weeks away.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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