Story Time- An Unexpected October Snow

It was a Saturday night in late October 1997, I was driving home from a friend’s house where we had watched a football game. It was raining with some big wet snow flakes mixed in. I didn’t think anything of it because that is a normal sight in late October and normally the snow doesn’t amount to anything.

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The next morning I awoke to what sounded like explosions outside. I wondered what could be going on outside, so I hesitantly looked outside and saw a big tree branch break off falling to the ground. The explosion sounds I was hearing were tree branches breaking off due to the heavy wet snow that was stuck on the trees. The snow had come before the leaves had fallen off.

My next realization was that I had no electricity. I took what food I had in the refrigerator, put it in a rubber maid box and placed it in the snow to keep it cool.

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I had an old rotary dial phone, so I unplugged my then modern one and plugged in that old rotary dial phone. I was able to make a call. I called one of the assistant pastors. His first response was to ask how I was able to call since my area of the city had no electricity. His area was newer and all of the power and phone lines were underground. I told him I had an old rotary phone. I had called to ask about church services. They were canceled. He ask me to help him call the people in the church directory. I spent an hour calling people to let them know church services were canceled.

My electricity came back on later that day but some areas in my city had to wait five or six days until they had electricity. It took a week for life to get back to normal in my city. They said it was a once in one hundred years snow.

In this life, unexpected things happen at any given time. The encouraging thing for me when the unexpected happens is that nothing surprises Jesus. He knows about it before it happens.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun story from that day called Batman doesn’t let anyone see the Batcave.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Story Time- An Unexpected October Snow

  1. Your story brought back memories of similar happenings where I live. We tend to get more ice here than snow. Last October we had a big ice event, when the leaves were still on the trees, that wreaked havoc on lots of trees.I look forward to your Batman story. Blessings!

  2. That’s right, nothing is a surprise to Jesus! He knows all. Our power was out about 10 hours last Saturday. I had no snow to put the food in lol.

  3. Matt, your memories brought back a similar October storm during my college days at Montana State. Heavy snow had fallen, and the leaves had not yet fallen. I can remember walking in the center of campus and hearing the tree limbs cracking and falling. Later, the sound of chainsaws would be heard everywhere.

  4. I’m from India where snow is a very rare sight and snowfall doesn’t happen at 90% of cities. Once we travelled to a top of a mountain and saw only a glimpse of snow. I can only wonderful it must be to experience snowfall at your place.

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