Back to Class

The college I teach English Second Language for is on the quarter system, so my evening classes are back in session. It started with a class in Zoom last night. My in person class starts this evening. So until end of August, I am on half a break.

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I still have six more weeks of sleeping late, spending some time at my office, aka coffee shop, reading, writing, and taking naps. My short lived four week total break from teaching gave me a taste of what retirement would look like, but as I like to tell people, I will retire when Jesus takes me to heaven.

I look forward to meeting my students this evening and the energy of the classroom as I begin my twenty second year with the college. Even more, I look forward to the opportunities Jesus has planned for me as I interact with people from diverse cultures. It still amazes me how Jesus took me from The Pit in life and Called Me to the Nations. (title of upcoming book Lifted From The Pit/Called to the Nations)

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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