Not A Blueberry Cupcake BUT….

Woke up looking forward to a visit to the coffee shop after church today with thoughts of a blueberry with a cupcake attached, but in an unexpected turn of events, there were no such delectable treats to be found. However, as providence would have it there was a worthy replacement, a chocolate cupcake. Yes CHOCOLATE.

I am a chocolate lover. I place chocolate just below coffee as life essentials are concerned and to be able to enjoy a chocolate cupcake with a cup of coffee is a slice of heaven on earth. :

What a day is has been. We had communion during worship service this morning. Some friends stopped by my class at church to give my young friend Samuel from Honduras a guitar they don’t need and to cap it off coffee and a chocolate, of course gluten free, cupcake.

I told Samuel he needs to bring his guitar each Sunday and lead us in singing a worship song in Spanish. πŸ™‚

How was your Sunday?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

6 thoughts on “Not A Blueberry Cupcake BUT….

  1. Awesome! My Sunday was wonderful. Our church had a dinner for the leaders of a small group. Groups are beginning to start for the Autumn semester. We had cheesecake from SAMs. They were delightful.

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