Saturday Is Here :)

It got down to 27f/-2c last night and I feel like celebrating. I realize for those with flower gardens such news was not welcome, but for those of us with allergies in the fall, it was the night we were waiting for. The nasty weeds putting all of that pollen in the air will start to die off.

It may be time for me to buy a chef’s hat. This morning marked three days in a row of not burning my eggs. I am beginning to think I could teach a cooking class. πŸ™‚

This morning I will see my friends at the Ukrainian church. Our numbers might be a bit smaller because the high school age ones might be at their youth retreat. I love seeing whole families learning together on Saturday mornings. It is wonderful to see my Ukrainian friends smile and laugh in my class knowing what they have been through. They lost their homes and everything they know because of the war there. I love that the class is connected to a church that loves on them and shares Jesus with them.

This afternoon I will have lunch with a fellow blogger. Gary of is driving past my city on his way for some outdoors adventures. We will meet up for burgers.

This afternoon I will also catch up with my fellow bloggers. It has been a busy week of teaching and ministry, so a visit to the coffee shop is in order to drink coffee and blog.

That is my Saturday. What are your plans today?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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