Nurses-Wonderful Nurses

Several months ago I shared a post I Love Nurses. My recent hospital stay a few weeks ago highlighted for me why I love nurses. They are awesome.

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My nurses were the ones who took time to explain things for me step by step including the cardioversion I had. They were the ones who checked on me frequently. They were the ones who listened to my concerns. They were the ones who brought me chocolate ice cream.

The three nurses I had were also the ones who laughed at my jokes. Perhaps only to humor me. πŸ™‚

Nurses help me feel calm. Doctors make my blood pressure go up.

Whenever I go a doctor, I enjoy talking with the nurses as they go over my medications and reason for my appointment.

So this short post of mine is a shout out to nurses. You are awesome. As a person who lives with chronic illnesses, my appreciation for nurses is high.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

24 thoughts on “Nurses-Wonderful Nurses

      1. You are welcome. I am doing ok dealing with pain. Have surgery consult on 12/21 for fourth CTS surgery. Prayers requested and thank you.

      2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (had two previously on right hand, and one previously on left hand–this one is on the second hand again. Lord willing, I will submit my retirement paperwork in 12 months after 36 years on the job.

  1. Having good nurses is definitely something to be grateful for.πŸ₯° In my Country it’s the opposite, doctors are nice but nurses make people’s blood pressure go up. There’s a stereotype that Nurses are simply terrible people. I can’t give a personal opinion cos i barely visit hospitals and my mum is also a nurse 🀣🀣

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