Cloudy Rainy Days are Good For…….

Where I live, we are having a few rainy days, as in a lot of rain. I am grateful it is not snow because if this amount of rain came as snow, I would be stuck at home for a few days. Cloudy rainy days are good for something near and dear to my heart.

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Naps and sleeping late. When it is cloudy and rainy it is so easy to sleep late. Since today is a planning day for my morning class, I can sleep late as in NO ALARM CLOCK. πŸ™‚

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I think a nap or maybe two will be on the schedule for today as well. Cloudy rainy days are great for naps.

I am not certain but a visit to the coffee shop might be on the agenda today. It will depend on the nap situation. If I make it to the coffee shop, some writing will occur. Sunday morning I had a break through with writing in my book Jesus Understands Trauma. It is a addition of discussing forgiveness and reconciliation.

My little sister in Jesus Alicia of lives in my state but out west where the deer and the antelope play. They are having snow today, so she might get snowed in. I am not sure if one can be snowed in when one can ride a horse. Alicia lives out west in the ranch and farm area, so I am sure she can ride a horse.

Do you like cloudy rainy days? If yes, what do you like to do on such days?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “Cloudy Rainy Days are Good For…….

  1. It’s cloudy here Matt. Your rain will turn to snow before reaching us this afternoon. 6-9 inches predicted right away with inches added for poor behavior in the following days through Friday. I should get out in it with a camera. God gives the most beauty in the harshest weather sometimes but it’s hard to capture that wild of beauty in the storm. There’s a spiritual truth there I’m thinking.

      1. I understand that. When I was in college a group of us were stranded in close to 40 inches on the Canadian border. Pure adventure for some and life as they knew it ended for others. I think the “others” now live somewhere warm. They prefer snakes and tornados I guess.

    1. Rainy days are absolutely the best for naps! Enjoy!

      And I love what Gary said here: β€œGod gives the most beauty in the harshest weather sometimes but it’s hard to capture that wild of beauty in the storm.” As some would say, that’ll preach!

  2. In the winter, I prefer snow and not rain. The rain in winter freezes on trees and puts out the electrical power for days, the roads are extremely slick and remain that way for months. Snow, however, is beautiful, insulating, great for cross country skiing, and winter sports. As far as naps go, this is the darkest time of the year and it is pretty dark all day. Every day is a gift from God and I will enjoy it no matter what the weather is like.

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